GoRecess Playground Pro: Sadie Lincoln, barre3; Portland, OR




Studio: Founder of barre3

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Background: Sadie brings more to her work than her extensive experience. She is a passionate instructor with a vision: to develop and support a family of studios run by entrepreneurs like herself.

Sadie is the founder of barre3 exercise studios where she creates classes inspired by three of her favorite disciplines: ballet barre work, yoga and Pilates.  Beyond her studio walls, Sadie launched barre3 at-home, an online workout subscription service reaching 60 countries and counting.  Her workouts both in studio and at-home have received global media attention.   Sadie teaches to A-list clients ranging from celebrities to super-moms and trains barre3 instructors and franchisees worldwide.

Prior to branching out on her own, Sadie spent 10 years at 24 Hour Fitness, serving in a variety of roles, including running the group exercise program and developing global sales, marketing and brand communications strategy. Working directly with the founder and CEO, she helped grow the company into the largest chain of health clubs worldwide.

Sadie began teaching group exercise 20 years ago while attending UCLA. She was awarded a Graduate Assistantship from the College of William & Mary, where she developed and ran the group fitness program while earning her masters degree in higher education administration. Today Sadie is thrilled to own her company based out of Portland, Oregon while raising her two kids, alongside her husband and business partner.



What is barre3 how is it unique from other barre-based workouts? Compared to other barre-based workouts, barre3 is the least tied to the traditional Lotte Berk Method. We are more influenced by yoga, Pilates, ballet and a host of other disciplines that keep barre3 evolving.  We are constantly changing it up. We are committed to variety and honoring truth levels. Meaning, in any given class, you will see clients working at many different levels, and modifying to accommodate where they are in their body. I believe this is unique to barre3 and it is what I am most proud of.

What inspired you to open barre3? Six years ago my husband and I made a commitment to build this company without compromising our values. To have a healthy body inside and out, a rich family life, and to build a community that inspires us to be better people. My franchisees see themselves in our story and they have made barre3 their own. The entire community that makes up barre3, including our clients, subscribers, owners, advisors, instructors, front desk staff, and childcare providers, are all aligned in our desire to find balance. My company is not a Sadie Lincoln method. I just happen to enjoy pulling together smart people and sharing best practices so being healthy is not a chore but an integrated way of life.

What advice do you have for someone trying barre3 for the first time? 3 times a charm at barre3!  I encourage clients to take 3 classes consecutively.  Our classes have many layers and are designed to increase in intensity with each class.   The first couple of classes expect to fumble around a bit.  After your third, most clients learn ways to modify based on their specific needs.   Even our online classes have options for common injuries, goals, and all fitness levels.  You will find that our classes are easy to follow yet challenging.  No previous experience needed.

How often do you recommend someone takes classes? What results can you expect from regular practice? Again, 3 times a charm!  Shoot for 3+ classes a week for best results.  You can choose from any of our 10-60 minute workouts if you don’t have a studio near you.  And yes, 10 minutes counts!  Try it on days you are strapped for time and you will see the results we are known for including a toned upper body, strong core, shapely legs, lifted seat and increased energy.

The one move everyone should master? Primary posture is the most important in our entire library of postures!  In the yoga world it is called Tadasana or Mountain Pose.  In your doctor's office it is basic anatomical position.   Barre3 is about restoring balance to the body.  If your body is balanced you will have improved posture for long-term results which is what we are all about!

Tell us about barre3 Online Workouts. What inspired you to create it and who is it geared for? Selfishly, I developed it for myself!  It may be hard to believe, but even I struggle to find time to make it to the studio on a regular basis.  I wanted a workout that integrated easily into my life.   As it turns out, I am not alone in needing this!  My clients ranging from high profile celebrities to busy moms like me, enjoy the flexibility it offers.  Each of my workouts are filmed in 10 minute increments you can do them all together or throughout your day.   They are all easy to do at home and on the go.  No need for a ballet barre.  I recently did a workout using my iphone at a bench in Central Park! I add new workouts each month so clients are never bored.  Those on a tight budget appreciate it is only $15/month with no contract.  Again, just wanted to make it easy for everyone to do anywhere, anytime and on any budget.


Sadie LincolnYou have inspired thousands with your workouts.  Any inspiring teaching moments or success stories to share? I have so many.  My favorite client stories are those who are surprised by how barre3 shapes more than just their bodies but also the choices they make once they leave our classes.  Here’s a letter we just got from a client from our studio in Oklahoma City:

"I’ve been coming to barre3 ever since that first day, normally around four times a week. I assure you, nobody is more surprised than me that I’ve kept at it this long. I still don’t run, walk or visit the gym, and I still hate the treadmill. But I love barre3. I love the fact that barre3 was there to help me transform both my body and my mind. During the last 10 months, with a combination of a low-calorie diet and regular barre3 practice, I have lost 43 pounds and gone from a size 16 to a size 6. I am off my blood pressure medicines. I love the fact that the instructors still come by and help with my posture when they see I need the assistance. I love the studio and its simplicity. I love the sound system and the fact that the instructors are always changing up the music. I love that there is consistency in the approach but that the regimen, while challenging, is never the same. I love that for one complete hour I forget about everything that is good or bad and am able to focus on nothing but strengthening my mind and body. I love that when the class is over, I realize I was able to accomplish something good for me."

What other types of fitness activities do you do to complement your barre3 workouts? Hiking, walking and restorative yoga complement my personal barre3 practice beautifully!

Your go-to workout songs? I am loving Lights by Ellie Goulding and Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys these days.  I also love anything Justin Timberlake.

Your personal eating style? At each meal I do my best to include protein, veggies, and good fats when possible.   I love food and eat balanced without sacrificing what I love including dark chocolate, a baguette and a good glass of wine from time to time! Check out Sadie's healthy "barre3 bars" recipe.

When you’re not teaching, how do you spend your time? I love taking walks with my husband, two kids, and dog in Forest Park here in Portland.  We have endless trails just minutes from downtown.   I also love spending quality time with my girlfriends enjoying good food and wine.

Favorite workout brands? Nike, Solow, lululemon, adidas by Stella McCartney

If you could give GoRecess users one piece of fitness advice, what would it be? Sign up for a class…right now!

Ready to try barre3 for yourself? Here are just a few of the many barre3 studios across the country, or try barre3 Online Workouts anywhere, anytime.

barre3 Pearl District
barre3 Southeast
barre3 Lake Oswego
barre3 Bend
barre3 Eugene


barre3 Cherry Creek/Denver

District of Columbia:
barre3 Georgetown

barre3 Winter Park

New Jersey:
barre3 Livingston
barre3 Morristown

barre3 Columbus

barre3 Edmond
barre3 Oklahoma City

barre3 Knoxville Northshore Town Center
barre3 Knoxville Bearden Hill

barre3 Austin Hill Country Galleria
barre3 Austin Downtown

barre3 Bellevue
barre3 Bellingham
barre3 Issaquah Highlands
barre3 Kirkland
barre3 Seattle/Capitol Hill
barre3 Vancouver/Camas

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  • Glad you liked it! We think Sadie and barre3 are amazing too!

  • I've been going to barre3 for about four months, after starting a fitness regime about a year before that. I would second everything that the OKCity client says she loves about the barre3 practice. I am a big fan of my barre3 studio here in DC! It was great to learn more about Sadie, I am a fan from afar, thanks.

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