GoRecess Playground Pro: Teresa Scott, Women's World of Boxing; NYC



Nicknames: Yoda, Oracle, Boxing Therapist, Mr. Miyagi, Sugar-Sweet T…too many to list!

Where She Teaches: Women’s World of Boxing (WWB), NYC

Classes She Teaches: Boxing Mechanics, Boxing

Background: Teresa Scott (aka “Coach T”) is a knockout—literally. A creative director in the publishing industry by day, the health-conscious entrepreneur hops in the ring most nights to train other women—ranging in age from 14-70—to box. A registered USA boxing coach, Scott founded Women’s World of Boxing, Inc., to provide women with a safe, comfortable and uplifting environment to learn the sport of boxing.  In addition to being a NIKE Ambassador, she is a personal motivational boxing coach, and has trained over 1,000 women, girls and celebrities of all ages and fitness levels.  Teresa has been featured on Daily Candy, Well + Good NYC, SELF, ESPNW, Black Enterprise, Shape, Competitor Magazine and The New York Daily News, among others.


How were you introduced to boxing and how has it changed your life? I was introduced to boxing eight years ago when I was looking for a way to get in shape and shed some of my 215 lbs. Through boxing, I found confidence and strength, and lost over 60 lbs in the process.

What makes boxing such an effective workout and why do you recommend it? Boxing is such a disciplined and effective total-body workout because it strengthens your mind, body and spirit. In addition to learning self-defense, you’re burning between 500 and 1000 calories, (depending upon intensity) improving your balance, coordination, reflexes, strength and flexibility.

What inspired you to open Women’s World of Boxing and what makes it unique? Why women-only? After joining a boxing gym that at the time, had maybe four women as monthly regulars, it didn’t take long to discover why boxing was defined as ‘a man’s world.’ This discovery along with the total-mind-body-spirit rewards I gained from boxing is what inspired me to open Women’s World of Boxing.

WWB is unique because to some degree, it knocks out the intimidation. It allows women to get actual training in a real authentic boxing gym, and allows women to build a supportive boxing community that redefines boxing by our standards.

What’s your personal teaching style? Do you teach the same boxing moves that someone would learn in a co-ed boxing class? I have a wax-on/wax-off style of training. I teach the same boxing fundamentals you would learn in your local co-ed boxing class. I don’t try to reinvent the wheel. I teach according to how I learn and I how I would want to be taught.

For someone who has never tried boxing, what should they expect in their first class? What advice do you have for boxing newbies? In your first class with WWB, you will not need any equipment or hit any of the heavy bags; instead expect to learn the importance of finding your center of balance and how to maintain it while performing offensive as well as defensive moves.

My advice for boxing newbies is to be as patient with yourself learning, as you would want your trainer to be patient with you.

The one boxing move everyone should master? You can throw combinations all day, but when you stop and you will, be prepared for everything you just put out there, to come back to you. Hardest thing for people to remember when learning how-to box is, move your feet. Master moving your feet.


What did you struggle most with on your weight loss journey and what was the key to your success? What advice do you have for others who are trying to lose weight? My biggest struggle was the inner work I needed to do. I felt as if I had lost control of life, myself, who I was, how I got to where I was, and couldn’t see or write my next life chapter. I was 215 pounds with high blood pressure/cholesterol, at risk for diabetes, etc., but my primary focus was I needed to feel better and to find something that would empower me to regain control.

I feel the key to my success was that I refused to remain knocked down in that “How Did I Get Here” round. People dwell on ‘the how’ while talking about what they should do, or are going to do, instead of just doing. I know because I was there. My advice to anyone trying to lose weight, live better, feel better, is to just begin. Don’t look back, keep moving forward and set goals for yourself everyday. You can always go further, even if it’s just by taking one step more than you did the previous day.

What do you eat/not eat? Your guilty pleasure? I eat/drink a lot of protein. I don’t really eat enough fruits and veggies. My guilty pleasure would be Red Velvet ANYTHING!

Your most memorable teaching moment? From their first day, first punch on the bags, first time in the ring, the wardrobe malfunctions to doing their hair, I have so many memorable moments from teaching women how-to box!

One of my most memorable would be when I was encouraging a woman to hit me. She had been training for a few months and was considering getting into the ring to eventually spar. The hardest part for some women just starting out is actually throwing that first punch and making contact. I figure at least if I’m your first contact punch, you would feel at ease knowing that you weren’t going to be punched back? She has her gloves on, and I’m standing in front of her, telling her to hit me. “Throw your Jab!” “Get it out there!” it didn’t matter what I said, she was frozen! I knew with all the offensive/defensive drills we do, that she would mirror my movements. I took one quick step into her personal space while yelling, “HIT ME!”… she took a quick step back and punched straight at my face…with both hands! I asked her why she hit me with both hands, she said she wanted to know what it felt like on both hands.

Favorite women’s boxing moment in the London Olympics? Witnessing history being made along with millions of people around the world, as the world’s most important sporting body allowed women boxers to compete and represent their countries.

In addition to running Women’s World of Boxing, you have a full-time job in publishing.  How do you balance everything and find a way to incorporate fitness into your routine?  I discovered the balance when I realized there is no balance. My day starts at 5am with my morning workout and will end at 12am on certain nights. There are days that I workout 2 or 3 times. I balance by going hard and accepting that whatever I did for the day is all I could do.

How do you spend your time when you’re not working or boxing? When I’m not working or boxing I’m taking dance class or at the theatre, the beach, or just enjoying being still.

If you could give GoRecess users one piece of fitness advice what would it be? Don’t become stagnant, challenge yourself to go further. Always set goals, enjoy the journey of reaching them and then set higher ones.

Favorite workout brand? Nike everything 

Your “go-to” workout songs? Sweat-Snoop Dogg Vs David Guetta, Chasing The Sun-The Wanted, Crazy in Love-Beyonce, Moves Like Jagger-Maroon 5

Tell us about the great work you’re doing for the non-profit WWB Girl’s Club and what inspired you to launch the program. I was inspired to launch WWB Girl’s Club after witnessing the total-body transformation in the first teenage girl I had the honor of training.  Taking into account my own journey in boxing through ‘a man’s world,’ I felt strongly about provided a safe space for more young girls to explore the sport of boxing, hence WWB Girl’s Club!


Tell us about your plans to open your own boxing gym.  Women’s World of Boxing is currently being hosted by Kingsway Boxing NYC. Please contact teresa@womensworldofboxing.com if you are interested in contributing to Teresa’s efforts to open the first women-only boxing gym in New York City.

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  • I think Everyone knows this great lady Teresa Scott (aka “Coach T”) and yes its absloutely right that she provide women with a safe, comfortable and uplifting environment to learn the sport of boxing. Now many boxing center are opened which are providing boxing training to woemns also like Next Edge Academy which provides Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu(BJJ), Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts(MMA) in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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