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Monthly Archives: April, 2013

GoRecess Spotlight on Flying Yoga Shala & Pradeep Teotia; Oakland, CA


Pradeep - Flying Yoga

by Ella Alpina

About Flying Yoga Shala

In 2009, Laura Camp opened this quaint and quirky studio in the hip Temescal neighborhood of Oakland. Since then, the space has transformed into a community hub where people practice not just yoga, but also Zumba, Salsa and Hip-Hop dance classes, TRX circuit training, and of course their special off-the-mat flying yoga. Flying Yoga Studio also ensures [...]

GoRecess Spotlight: Katy Freshour, Move Austin Fitness; Austin, Texas


community move

What types of classes are offered at Move Austin Fitness?

We offer indoor functional fitness classes, classes for 50+, kidfit classes, women’s only classes and personal training.

What makes Move Austin Fitness unique and why should someone try your classes?

Unlike other cross-training studios, MOVE focuses on improving mobility, range of motion, balance and body mechanics in addition to our strength [...]

GoRecess Playground Pro: Lauren Boggi Goldenberg, Lithe Method; Philadelphia, PA


Lauren Boggi


Title: Owner, Lithe Method

Locations: 4 studios in Philadelphia (coming soon to NYC)

Background: A former USC cheerleader, dancer, and Pilates instructor, Lauren was looking for a fun, creative, effective workout that she just couldn’t find in the traditional fitness arena. Combining the best of her background, she created her own proprietary Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting® technique and took her passion for fitness [...]