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Monthly Archives: August, 2013

Spinach Salad with Creamy Herb Dressing


- By Geraldine Campbell

This refreshing salad from nutritionist Natasha Uspensky has a deceptively healthy creamy herb dressing that is dairy-free. The recipe is a variation on one of the signature recipes in the upcoming cookbook she's writing with celebrity chef Matt Downes.

Serves 4


1 package organic spinach
1 grapefruit, peeled and cut into chunks
1 [...]

GoRecess on the Go: Fit Travel Tips from Crystal Meers of Fathom Away


- By Geraldine Campbell

"The travel site reinvented", Fathom celebrates all the reasons why we pack our bags, get on a plane, hitch a ride, and explore beyond our backyards.  As a writer, editor and Creative Director at Fathom, Crystal Meers shares how she stays fit on the go. 

Eat your oats. I try to pack a kale salad for a long flight, but when I [...]

Quinoa Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes & Kale-Walnut Pesto


- By Geraldine Campbell

Natasha Uspensky is one of our favorite nutritionists—and not just because she used to be an opera singer. The Brooklyn-based health counselor’s holistic approach to eating right and enjoying food is a refreshing departure from diets that ban carbs, gluten, dairy, or all of the above. We asked Natasha for a few of her favorite recipes for summer, when, says Ms. Uspensky,hotter [...]

GoRecess Studio Spotlight: Jordin's Paradise; Washington, DC


Jordin's Paradise

About the Owner: Born in Tunisia and raised in Germany, Rania Jaziri began studying ballet at age six and she graduated from Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg in Germany before bringing her unique enthusiasm and expertise about dance, fitness and performing arts to the Nation's Capital. Dance-exercising has helped Rania maintain her health and fitness, which has ultimately contributed to her overall happiness, positive attitude and outlook on life which she [...]

Two Totally-Not-Boring Chicken Recipes

Photo by James Ransom

- By the editors at

Chicken is a staple in most kitchens because it’s quick, simple, good for you, and reasonably inexpensive. But the truth is, it’s all too easy to make it bland and boring. Instead, this protein should be looked at as a great starting ground – a blank slate that eagerly awaits fresh flavors. Here are [...]