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GoRecess Spotlight: The Studio (MDR) and Lisa Hirsch; Venice, CA



About Lisa Hirsch

Lisa spent 15 years working as an executive in the music industry between New York and Los Angeles before relocating to Venice Beach in 2007 where she reconnected with her true passion…fitness.

Growing up in New York, Lisa would pull on her leg warmers and do the grapevine with Jane Fonda (on VHS of course), experiment with various fitness classes from step-aerobics to spinning, and later discovered the benefits of yoga and pilates for her body, mind and spirit.

Lisa Hirsch The Studio (MDR)

Her ongoing studies of physique training and nutrition, as well as her regular fitness program became a catalyst for change in other areas of her life, and ultimately inspired her to pursue her dream of having her own studio - a safe and comfortable place for people looking to take care of themselves and make their own well-being their number one priority, even if for only an hour a day.

Lisa is excited to finally be able to share her lifestyle and knowledge with as many people as possible.

While Lisa will most likely be found on the Megaformer at The Studio (MDR), chances are you’ll also see her sipping an iced coffee on Abbot Kinney, riding her bike around Venice, or walking her dogs Willie Meatball Nelson and his sister Mabel.

About The Studio (MDR)

The Megaformer Workouts = Hollywood's Best Kept Secret

A fitness guru named Sebastien Lagree created the perfect workout and machine, one that pulls from yoga, pilates, strength training, cardio, etc with no impact on the joints! It leans and lengthens you but doesn’t create bulk.  If you eat right (remember diet is very important because we can’t help you if you are eating poorly) plus do this workout 3x’s a week, then you will create the best body of your life and have fun doing it! I am in the best shape of my life at 40 and so are many others at The Studio (MDR)!

The Megaformer is Great for Beginners

This is an intense workout but gentle on your body. With that being said, anyone can do this (if cleared by your doctor) as muscles know no age! Once you get past the front door and the initial overwhelming sensation of a new class and feeling a bit awkward for the first few times because you don’t know what the names of the moves are yet (don’t worry – the teachers are there to guide you through), it truly is life changing! It not only leans and lengthens your body but it changes your mind!

The Inspiration Behind The Studio (MDR)

The music business is no joke. It was high pressure, high stress and high reward. But eventually those who work hard and play hard realize they need to strike a balance. For me, exercise is that balance. So I would spend those few prize hours while I wasn't working, in some sort of work out class. About four years ago I stumbled upon Ky Evans at a small studio in Venice, CA. I remember my first day meeting him. I walked into his class and went right up to him and told him about a snide comment my boyfriend at the time had made about my arms and how they were getting fat (the nerve of him!). Ky just looked at me and said "get on the bed, be quiet and listen. Give me three to six months and I will change your body forever!" At first I rolled my eyes, because I had heard it all before from other trainers, but once the music started playing and the class got started, I was sold! Six months later, Ky had kept his promise and I had a completely different body and kick a** arms! At this point I was looking to make a big change in my life in terms of my career and thought how amazing it would be, to be able to do the same thing for other people. While completely changing careers was scary, I was determined that fitness was the path to my true bliss. It's a career that serves the community. I get so much from giving to people, helping them reach their fitness goals, helping them be healthy for their families, live longer and maybe even drop a dress size along the way. While weight loss is the reason most people show up to the studio, we really teach well being as a lifestyle.

How the Megaformer Fits into the Future of Fitness 

The future of fitness is small, boutique studios instead of the big chain gyms. It’s all about building a community where people feel safe and know each others' names instead of saying “ugh, I have to go workout”…it’s “I can’t wait to go to The Studio (MDR)!” I know almost every student's name and story who rolls into my classes. I know a big chain gym can't say that.


What's Hot on The Studio (MDR)'s Playlist?

“Madness” by Muse

“Stay” by Rihanna

“Sail” by Awolnation

“We Go Hard” by Jay Z

“Lose Yourself” by Eminem

....anything by Willie Nelson (that’s my dog’s name!) : )

More About Lisa

Lisa's Workout Advice

Less is more…it took a long time for me to learn that, but I finally listened to my head trainer, Ky Evans, and I now workout 3x’s a week at the studio and throw in a spin class here and there on days when I can escape.

Favorite Pre and Post Workout Meal

Every athlete’s dietary needs are different so first and foremost, listen to your body, a nutritionist or your doctor. It’s hard to say, but what works for me, since I am up at 4:30am and work out so early, is to eat two breakfasts! I may have egg whites, oatmeal, a PALETA green juice or 22 Day Bar (that we sell at The Studio) and then I will have an egg white scramble with steamed spinach, tomato and light goat cheese about ½ hr after I work out in the morning for my second meal. It really depends on the day, but I make sure that I eat because your body needs energy – especially with the type of workout that we do! I think not eating to lose weight is the biggest myth out there. When you are working out hard, you have to eat to fuel your body and lose weight.


Spinning, hiking, biking, sailing, shopping, connecting people, trying new restaurants, etc.


My clients. Seeing how motivated and happy they are on a daily basis no matter what is going on in their lives is enough to keep me going. I am truly blessed.

Favorite Diet-Violating Guilty Pleasure

Thin crust pizza or red velvet cake.

Thoughts on Fitness Trackers

To be honest, I don't really use them. All of our trainers track each class so that each class builds on the class before so that none of our clients hit that dreaded fitness plateau so a tracking app is not needed. The Studio (MDR) evolves to its clientele weekly so no tracking is needed.  My real fitness tracker is just my skinny jeans!

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