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Monthly Archives: March, 2014

Your Chance to Win: The Ultimate Fitness & Wellness Getaway


The Do’s & Don’ts of Snacking


- By Debra Holstein, Founder of The 4:00 Cookie

Snacking is a good thing. Our bodies need fuel consistently throughout the day, and we should acknowledge this need. But let’s snack the right way.  We've called on Debra Holstein, Founder of The 4:00 Cookie (featured in the 2014 GRAMMY Awards' Swag Bag!), to share healthy ways to keep cravings in check. 

1.  Don’t Create


GoRecess Studio Spotlight: Pilates Back Bay; Boston, MA


- By Ruby Bagedonow

Pilates Back Bay is a boutique studio that offers personalized programs taught by their staff of experienced instructors, based on individual needs. The studio offers private and small group sessions to help you achieve your fitness goal, whether it be getting in shape or injury rehabilitation. No two lessons are exactly the same and exercises can be modified and adapted to challenge different bodies [...]

GoRecess Studio Spotlight: GST Body; Los Angeles, CA


- By Caila Ball

Ready to elevate your stretching beyond the standard bend and reach? And to achieve toned muscles and pain reduction while you do it? Creator Anna Rahe’s GST (Grace Somatomorphic Technique) takes a unique approach to long-term body transformation based in traction stretching. Unlike traditional workouts, the constantly evolving routine is geared toward manipulating the fascia (connective tissue) through targeted movements. Try GST as a [...]

Top 5 Ways CrossFit Has Changed My Life


Photo Credit:

- By Cherie Chan

I started CrossFit in 2007 and have been a consistent athlete of the strength and conditioning program ever since, getting in 5 to 6 sessions each week. As I reflect back on the last seven years, here are the top 5 ways CrossFit has changed my life:

  1. I have made closer relationships and am a [...]