Life in Synergy
867-871 Boylston Street Boston, MA 02116  



Cancellation Policy

24 hours


Back Bay

Know before you go

  • Beginners should start with the Synergistics Fitness Method® class.
  • You have the option to wear socks during class or go barefoot.
  • Metered parking along Boylston is limited. There are a few garages in the area. The studio is 5 minutes walking from the Hynes Convention Center stop on the Green Line. 
  • The studio has 3 large showers with shampoo, conditioner and body wash.
  • Lockers (bring your own lock), hair dryers and towels are provided.


Not pilates. Not yoga. Not personal training. Not bootcamp. Not barre.  No more diets, abusive workouts that kill your knees and back or endless hours of cardio necessary. At Life in Synergy, we use a combination of classes and one-on-one tailored personal training sessions and coaching to help you create the body and the life of your dreams. Instead of forcing yourself to do a workout that you HOPE will work, learn how to live a Life in Synergy with a proven method that gives you the body, the results and the life you deserve!
The concentrated movements of the Synergistics Fitness Method may not always make you sweat, but don’t let that fool you. SFM is a killer workout. Concerned with strengthening your weak muscles and stretching out your tight spots, this focused workout increases your body’s ability to burn carbs and helps you to reduce the fat stored in your body. SFM exercises give you twice the results in half the time.
We'll start by working smarter, not harder.  Unlike traditional exercise programs, SFM is designed to help bring your body into alignment, and your muscles into Synergy.  Why waste time working parts of your body that are already strong? You can finally say goodbye to the muffin top, the thunder thighs, the flabby arms and butt and the calves that cannot fit in to this year’s cutest boots. Creating synergy in your muscles creates the body that you desire. In class, we use weighted balls and resistance bands to tone and strengthen  muscles, stimulate joint stabilization and strengthen your core. Not only will you see the body you have always dreamed of, you will improve your posture and avoid strain on your muscles and joints. YOUR ideal, pain-free body awaits you.

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