Lagree DC
1383 H Street NE Washington, DC 20002  


Water Filling Station

Cancellation Policy

In-Studio: 12 hours


H Street Corridor

Know before you go

  • Arrive 15 minutes before class to register and familiarize yourself with the studio facilities.
  • Be prepared to enter the studio 5 minutes before class for an introduction to the Megaformer and Lagree Method of training.
  • Grip Socks are required for class. If you forget yours, they are available for purchase at the studio. 
  • Bring a water bottle, which can be filled at our water dispenser.
  • Bring a towel; if you don’t have one, you can purchase one at the studio.



Lagree Fitness is the ultimate full-body workout created by Sebastien Lagree. Conducted on the custom designed third generation Megaformerâ„¢, Lagree Fitness combines strength, core, cardio, circuit training and stretching into an intense exercise experience. Lagree is for all ages and level of fitness.