Class Overview

A class exploring two fundamental and transformational aspects of regular meditation practice: being with things as there are and cultivating what is helpful. Being with things as they are helps us to know ourselves and reality purely and directly, resting as an observer and bringing awareness to the nature of our experience. Cultivating what is helpful deepens our access to qualities such as compassion, love, stillness, embodiment, peace, or letting go. It strengthens our capacity to make them a part of our daily life. All of this will be explored through guided meditations in an open, grounded, loving space.
17547 Ventura Boulevard Unit 106 Encino, CA 91316  

Class Types

Hatha, Meditation & Pranayama, Restorative

Cancellation Policy

In-Studio: 1 hours
Live Stream: 1 hour




Bindupoint, Center for Presence, is a Meditation and Yoga center nestled in Encino, California. We are here with great joy to share with you some deep and profound life transformative events! Bindupoint is dedicated to uplifting the human spirit; a promise made long ago. Bindupoint is here to illuminate the layers of false habitual beliefs that perpetuate mental confusion and emotional pain by introducing methodologies that point towards the intrinsic and highly charged creative nature within.
Bindupoint is here as a container to hold the necessary components in education and practice and provides a series of classes, workshops, and events in exploration of the human energetic body, nature of the mind and the cosmology of the universe. Bindupoint’s mission is to awaken the innate potential of creative power within each individual into their mastery!