Atmananda E.23rd
112 East 23rd Street 2nd floor New York, NY 10010  


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In-Studio: 12 hours



Know before you go

  • You are welcome to bring a yoga mat or rent one at the studio.


Atmananda’s mission is to provide individuals with the tools and skills that enable them to develop their full potential and inspire others to do the same. The Atmananda Yoga Sequence is the body of knowledge, experienced through Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga, combined to create a Vinyasa flow. The sequence is composed of the six groups of asanas, including standing poses, balancing poses, spinal twists, inversions, back bends and forward bends, all working to leave the body completely open and refreshed. The most important element of the Atmananda Yoga Sequence is physical alignment. The appropriate placing of the feet and hands and engaging the right muscles play a crucial role in protecting the joints and gently guiding the body deeper into the poses.