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RushCycling - Hoboken
1422 Grand Street Floor 3, Suite D Hoboken, NJ 07030  


Changing rooms
Complimentary Towels

Cancellation Policy

2 hours



Know before you go

  • Located at 15th and Grand Street at the northern end of Hoboken (entrance on Grand Street). 
  • All new clients should arrive 15 minutes prior to class.
  • RushCycling's RealRyder bikes have reversible pedals which accommodate both sneakers and SPD clips (if you wear sneakers, the firmer the sole the better!). Spin shoes are not available for rent. 


RushCycling is the only indoor cycling studio in Hoboken and Jersey City offering RealRyder® bikes. The articulating frame technology of RealRyder bikes allow riders to work the bikes side to side, incorporating all three planes of motion – taking the ride outside the traditional linear up and down indoor cycling movements. Riders must fully must fully engage the body to maneuver. Legs drive the flywheel against variable resistance as one does with traditional indoor cycling – providing the cardio and leg work that indoor cyclers have been crushing on for years.  However, the articulating frame creates an unstable surface and riders therefore fully incorporate their entire core to stabilize and balance.  Additionally to move the bike side to side – you must push, lean, pull and hold – working your arms, shoulders, chest and back.