Krank Brooklyn
2 Prince St. 8FL (DOOR CODE:*800080#) Brooklyn, NY 11201  

Class Types

Indoor Cycling & Biking


Changing rooms
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Cancellation Policy

In-Studio: 12 hours


Brooklyn Heights

Know before you go

  • FYI, this class is HARD! If you are a newcomer, please let the studio know so they can assess whether it is for you.
  • First timers: please text Rikki at 347-541-3181 and let her know you are coming from FitReserve
  • Detailed direction to the facility can be found in this youtube video:
  • Be ready to work out. You can change into gym attire at Krank of course, just arrive 5-10 minutes early.
  • If you have any injuries or medical conditions we would like to know beforehand this way our coaches can make the proper modifications to your workout email
  • Use the Access Code: *800080# for entry to the building
  • Take the elevator to the 8th floor follow the signs and music to our studio



What is Krank? At Krank Brooklyn, we have two types of training, Krank or semi-private. Krank is personal training in a group setting. We design different levels for every exercise plus we offer accommodations to individuals experiencing any sort of "bad" pain. The levels allow newbies and old pros to train at the same time and each experience an appropriately challenging workout. Unlike group fitness classes, the coach is not standing in front demonstrating what to do and expecting you to mirror his or her movements.
Instead, the coach walks around and corrects each movement. Krank training happens at set times throughout the week and schedule offers flexibility to allow you to register for the training that works for you.
In Krank Training we incorporate several different training modalities of training into one session to maximize time and progress.
- Mobility & Activation is a controlled voluntary movement through its entire functional range of motion. In doing so you reduce the potential of imbalances, thus reducing the risk for injuries, allows for full benefits of exercise by moving limbs through their respective full range of motion, and helps you move better whether that is for daily activities or for sport.
- Agility and reaction exercises are an important part of our workout routine. Agility is the ability to move quickly and change direction with ease, for your fitness. This describes both physical and mental agility. As we age, or just become complacent in our daily routines, both our mental and physical agility suffers. Agility training helps you improve your balance, stability, strength, and body control.
- Strength is focused on big total body movements. Think squats, pushes, pulls, and core working lots of muscle in return burning lots of calories. The workouts focus more on muscular strength and less on the cardiovascular system. We challenge our clients to lift heavy with perfect form. We never sacrifice form for more weight.
- Metabolic focuses on getting the heart rate up for a period of time followed by a period of recovery. This is also called interval training or high-intensity interval training (HIIT). We typically utilize different implements on these days, things like ropes, bodyweight exercises, and medicine balls.