8:00 - 8:45 PM

Class Overview

CONNECTION X THE DREAM REALM This class/gathering is where we connect or reconnect with our dream world. It’s quite fascinating that we all dream, yet we don’t always remember. This class is designed to help you remember your dreams, and if you already do so, to become more lucid during the dream. The human experience entails dreaming, it is such a beautiful part of being alive, and this class is an invitation to expand our relation with that part of our lives. About your guide:Maria, like all of us, is a dreamer. Her deep connection to her own dreams and curiosity has led her to explore the dream world; in awe of the similarities between life state and dream state, she designed this class for anyone who is keen on having a closer look at the relationship between these two worlds. This gathering will be a conversation around the R.E.M part of our lives, or where dreams happen, and life itself. How to Prepare Your Space : We will be sitting for this gathering, find a spot where you feel truly confortable, and find an item - anything- that sparks your imagination. Set the mood with a candle, an open window or an intention.I also invite you to have a pen, and a Dream Journal. About your guide: The Technical Side: All of our class times are listed in EST (eastern Standard time)You will receive your link to zoom an hour before class begins. If you do not receive it, it may be because your notification settings in mindbody are set to opt out of emails. After you change your settings, e-mail us at contact@frequencymind.com for a link.Have zoom downloaded and show up a couple minutes before the class is set to begin.For any last minute issues, please call/text Kadence @ 845.826.1420  
242 West 27th Street Suite 1B New York, NY 10001  

Class Types

Meditation & Pranayama, Kundalini

Cancellation Policy

In-Studio: 12 hours
Live Stream: 1 hour



Know before you go

  • You are perfect, and we are a “come as you are” kind of community.  Take note we will have you remove shoes before entering the dome, so we recommend cozy socks. There are props here for you to use like mats, blankets and pillows depending on the experience.
  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class. We close the doors 5 minutes after the stated start time.  While we understand how easy it is to run behind in a busy city, we want to honor our class times to create a safe container for all visitors once inside the dome.


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