Class Overview

CO-HOSTED by Solonje Burnett and Vivian Rosenthal Every Saturday join Frequency Co-Founder Vivian Rosenthal and Solonje Burnett for ritualized collective breathwork practice that offers a full cellular reset while building inclusive community and connection. This practice is an opportunity to explore non-ordinary states of consciousness consciously. In this liminal space the breath allows us to release stuck and suppressed negative emotions and trauma in the body to make space for healing to occur. Through breathwork we can touch feelings of deep self-love, bliss and unity consciousness, an embodied sense of oneness that we are all connected.. Tears, laughter and unexpected feelings and emotions often surface as we move through layers of conscious and unconscious programming, patterns and behaviors. Benefits of breathwork: Decrease in anxiety, fear, anger, depression Improved immune and lung strength Improved sleep Increase in creativity To prepare : Please find someplace comfortable where you can lie down flat, either on a yoga mat, a couch or your bed. Make sure to have a blanket and a pillow and an eye mask if you own one. About Your Guides Solonje Burnett is a co-founder, cannavist and people advocate at Humble Bloom where it is her mission to give the underrepresented a seat at the table in the cannabis industry and beyond. She believes that we can shatter stereotypes, structural inequities and biased business practices through culture curation and by providing strategic branding and hiring, advocacy and inclusive purpose driven community experiences. She produces events and festivals for conscious companies, hosts nightlife parties, as well as programs music at membership clubs. Solonje is an diversity consultant and political activist speaking out on equality and human justice. She is also a member of the Resistance Revival Chorus – born out of the Women’s March. Vivian is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher (as taught by Yogi Bhahan) and a trained breathwork facilitator (as taught by David Elliot). She has spent the last five years healing herself from Lyme disease, severe gut issues and chronic fatigue. She brings a deep compassion to those she works with and an embodied wisdom from walking the path of healing herself. The Technical Side:You will receive your link to zoom an hour before class begins. If you do not receive it, it may be because your notification settings in mindbody are set to opt out of emails. After you change your settings, e-mail us at for a link.Have zoom downloaded and show up a couple minutes before the class is set to begin.For any last minute issues, please call/text Kadence @ 845.826.1420
242 West 27th Street Suite 1B New York, NY 10001  

Class Types

Meditation & Pranayama, Kundalini


Free Mats
Water Filling Station

Cancellation Policy

In-Studio: 12 hours
Live Stream: 1 hours



Know before you go

  • You are perfect, and we are a “come as you are” kind of community.  Take note we will have you remove shoes before entering the dome, so we recommend cozy socks. There are props here for you to use like mats, blankets and pillows depending on the experience.
  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class. We close the doors 5 minutes after the stated start time.  While we understand how easy it is to run behind in a busy city, we want to honor our class times to create a safe container for all visitors once inside the dome.


FREQUENCY is an emotional fitness studio – a space where immersive wellness and inner work practices are delivered inside of a 360 ̊ audiovisual dome. Frequency's design-oriented, innovative, and savvy space serves as a hub to connect with oneself and others, and explore what it means to be alive. 
FREQUENCY practices are designed to focus on the evolution and care of multifaceted aspects of self, and help participants access a more embodied, calmer and connected state of being. 
FREQUENCY's multisensory design incorporates psychological methodologies and principles of neuroplasticity, as well as cultural wisdom from various practices and lineages. Examples include meditation, breath work, movement, singing and partner exercises, as well as light, art and sound therapy.