10:30 - 11:30 AM

Class Overview

BREATHWORK is SELF LOVE “Living with self-love illuminates new perspectives that allow you to be your true self freely and consistently.” says Ria Ray. In this class, she will guide you to use your breath, energy and journaling to explore your relationship with your self. You will deepen your understanding of self-love and how it relates to your passion, purpose and creativity. Breath serves as the vehicle inwards to uncover what you uniquely need to thrive and maintain your daily connection to a meaningful flow, the one that is destined for you.  To prepare for this class : Set the mood. Anything that will make you feel good. Find someplace comfy to lie down. About Your Guide : Ria Ray is a healer/artist and teacher who was profoundly changed at an early age when tragedy took the lives of her immediate family. Through healing herself her own process of healing emerged, and she saw that she could harness the power of what she went through, and if she could heal herself, she could help others heal themselves. Her power to teach stemmed from this life altering early experience and gave her firsthand knowledge of the many stages and steps it takes to be a whole person. She has mastered these steps so she can help you connect to your most powerful self now and always. Her process continues today, and it has given her a great gift to be able to share with others. In her daily life, Ria believes that creativity is the way into sustaining your truest self. She shares this concept through her healing workshops, retreats, paintings and sound art. Ria’s work is centered in the alchemy of the breath, the power of the soul and the beauty of self-love to heal and transform. Her work is a doorway into the unknown, guiding you through your inner terrain gently revealing you to your authentic sacred self. The Technical Stuff:  All of our class times are listed in EST (eastern Standard time)You will receive your link to zoom an hour before class begins. If you do not receive it, it may be because your notification settings in mindbody are set to opt out of emails. After you change your settings, e-mail us at contact@frequencymind.com for a link.Have zoom downloaded and show up a couple minutes before the class is set to begin.For any last minute issues, please call/text Kadence @ 845.826.1420   Frequency is a SAFE SPACE Frequency is a safe and inclusive space. This means that we have a zero tolerance policy for anything other than love and kindness.  We do not tolerate racism, discrimination, harassment, criticism or harm of any kind inside our physical or virtual space. It also means that all guests have a right to honor their own personal boundaries and to have them respected. While joining us for virtual classes, we want you to feel comfortable, but please dress, behave and engage as you would if you visited us in person. If anyone has made you feel unsafe or has not respected these guidelines let a staff member know so that it can be addressed immediately. This can be done privately in the chat box in zoom or via e-mail to contact@frequencymind.com 
242 West 27th Street Suite 1B New York, NY 10001  

Class Types

Meditation & Pranayama, Kundalini


Free Mats
Water Filling Station

Cancellation Policy

In-Studio: 12 hours
Live Stream: 1 hours



Know before you go

  • You are perfect, and we are a “come as you are” kind of community.  Take note we will have you remove shoes before entering the dome, so we recommend cozy socks. There are props here for you to use like mats, blankets and pillows depending on the experience.
  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class. We close the doors 5 minutes after the stated start time.  While we understand how easy it is to run behind in a busy city, we want to honor our class times to create a safe container for all visitors once inside the dome.


FREQUENCY is an emotional fitness studio – a space where immersive wellness and inner work practices are delivered inside of a 360 ̊ audiovisual dome. Frequency's design-oriented, innovative, and savvy space serves as a hub to connect with oneself and others, and explore what it means to be alive. 
FREQUENCY practices are designed to focus on the evolution and care of multifaceted aspects of self, and help participants access a more embodied, calmer and connected state of being. 
FREQUENCY's multisensory design incorporates psychological methodologies and principles of neuroplasticity, as well as cultural wisdom from various practices and lineages. Examples include meditation, breath work, movement, singing and partner exercises, as well as light, art and sound therapy.