RELEASE by Danielle Delmonico
Virtual Virtual, MA 02108  

Class Types

HIIT & Tabata, Plyometrics, Functional Fitness, Gyrotonics & Gyrokinesis

Cancellation Policy

Live Stream: 1 hour




The intention of the work we do in RELEASE is to challenge your mind and body to let go of any static energy, giving you the tools to be confident in who you are.  RELEASE is the sensation that happens when the body and the mind meet to overcome muscle fatigue and your mental and physical strength prevails. RELEASE is an innovative full-body immersion class that focuses on interval cardio, plyometrics, HIIT, Gyrotonic®, and Gyrokinesis® combined with inspiring music while releasing the stagnant toxins through breath work. Each class you will leave feeling rejuvenated, unwound, balanced, and stronger.