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Cancellation Policy

In-Studio: 1 hours
Live Stream: 1 hour



Know before you go

  • Make sure you refer to the class titles to see the accessories used in each class.  There are simple creative alternatives for everything we use, but if you have a question about any alternatives, make sure you contact us at so we can help you out.
  • *The TTS/BBK class requires one of our straps or a DIY alternative that takes a bit more set up.*
  • Class sign up closes 15 mins prior to the class. You will be sent an email before class starts with the Zoom link. If you have not used Zoom before, we recommend logging on early to make sure it is set up properly.
  • If you do not receive your Zoom link prior to class, please contact us via text at 310-895-9993 for immediate assistance.


After 20 years of clinical study and research, we’ve built GST Body to focus exclusively on fascia as the singular answer to all things body – aesthetics, athletics, rehabilitation and aging. Fascia is not an extra but the essential. Fascia is a holistic body system and that is what makes GST Body holistic body care.
You must do something differently to be something different.  Motion initiates fascia’s hydraulic mechanism that optimizes its condition, function and influence on all other body systems.  Fascia hates exercise but delights in the sensation of playful motion. Experience the delicious and invigorating stretch and animation of fascia as the simple way to holistically care for your body.
Try our different GST techniques in our live Zoom classes!  Join us today to start your GST journey.