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Gift cards are delivered at 8am EST. If your delivery date is today and it is after 8am EST, your gift card will be delivered immediately. Schedule your delivery for the future by choosing a different date above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FitReserve Anywhere?
FitReserve Anywhere is an all-access fitness membership that allows you to mix and match live stream classes from premier studios across the country plus unlimited on-demand workouts, all within the app.
How long is a gift card valid for?
Gift cards never expire, so they can be redeemed at any time!
How do I redeem a gift card?
Gift cards can be redeemed through the FitReserve website and may be used towards any membership plan offered. If you are a new member, simply select a plan and enter the gift card code on the checkout page. If you are an existing member, login and go to “My Account” and click “Redeem Gift Card” and the gift card amount will be credited towards your next billing cycle. Recipients will be required to put down a credit card for any late cancellation/missed class fees and /or if the gift card amount doesn’t cover the entire cost of the plan selected. Gifts apply to subscription costs only.
Is there a minimum or maximum gift card amount?
There is a $10 minimum purchase amount and no maximum purchase amount. Membership pricing varies by the plan selected and after the gift month, memberships auto-renew every month but can be canceled at any time.
Can I use a promotional code to purchase a gift card?
We do not currently allow promotional codes to be used on gift card purchases. However, if the recipient has a promo code they want to use, they can still apply the promo code when redeeming the gift card.
Can a gift card be refunded?
All gift card purchases are final sale and cannot be refunded.
Do you offer physical gift cards?
At this time we only offer electronic gift cards. Send the eGift Card directly to your friend's email inbox and it will be delivered right away or on the date you specify.
Is there a recommended amount?
You can purchase a gift card of any amount! Memberships start as low as $19.99 per month for FitReserve Anywhere memberships.
Are there any restrictions?
Any gift cards redeemed towards memberships are subject to the same terms and conditions applicable to any plan purchased. See FAQs for details.