GoRecess Playground Pro: Jennifer Williams; Founder of Pop Physique



Where She Teaches: Creator & Owner of Pop Physique

Classes She Teaches:  Pop Sculpt, Pop HARDCORE

Hometown:  Cincinnati, Ohio

Background:  Jennifer Williams brings passion and personality to Pop Physique, the boutique fitness studio system she has created. Jennifer is a former professional ballet dancer, trained most prominently at The School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati where she won the prestigious Corbett-Mayerson Award for the Arts. She has performed and toured with many ballet companies as a guest artist, including the Cincinnati Ballet, Ballet Met, and Sacramento Ballet. In San Francisco, she trained young dancers in advanced ballet.

Prior to starting Pop, she received her Pilates Certification from The Physical Mind Institute. Pop Physique was founded in 2008 in Los Angeles with her husband Deric Williams, and has grown to 14 boutique studio locations in California, Florida and Baltimore, and a stylish set of DVDs available exclusively on Amazon for sculpting on the go.


What exactly is Pop Physique and why do you recommend it for a great workout? Pop is an efficient one hour ballet barre based class that gives you incredible results in strength, flexibility and tone.  It is super challenging but still possible to do and gives you the quick results that motivate you to return!

What makes your studios unique? Pop Physique is about the experience. The music is so important to the workout and we really work to create playlists that define that experience. Pop utilizes more dance than other barre classes since I was a professional ballet dancer; I think of the class and the company from an artistic angle as opposed to a business angle. It is also about the use of style, from the branding/marketing to the actual interior design. Environment and music with a really intense workout - in an efficient hour - for the modern woman.

Do you need to have barre experience in order to take a Pop Physique class? No, that is the best part!  Everyone can do the movements.  You will love it if you had any dance training or ever wanted to do ballet.  But, anyone can do it!

Why do you recommend group fitness classes as a great way to get a workout? The motivation is unparalleled when you have a room full of students and an inspiring instructor.  The energy is unreal.

How many calories can you burn in an average Pop Physique class? 500 plus!

What's hot on Pop Physique's playlist now? Pop Physique is a youthful rock 'n' roll brand. But, since the 90s, the true rock spirit, mentality, and lifestyle has moved over into hip hop and electro artists. It's culturally fitting: the computer is to 2012 what the guitar was to 1977. When we put together a playlist, it has a concept, a theme... A Pop Physique playlist mirrors whatever is going on in our lives and society at the time and we tend to be ahead of the curve on hyping up emerging trends and artists.

Sexy, emotional, detached, defeated, and triumphant, Deadmau5 has always been one of our biggest influences and had the distinction of having the first song on the very first Pop Physique playlist. This season we're really inspired by a lot of Euro Candy Electo, Grime, and Dubstep. Some newer artists we are mobbing include Mario Basanov, Bassnectar, Firebeatz, Vaccine, Martin Solveig, Trust, Kito & Reijo Lee, Rebecaa and Fiona. Sometimes we might get inspired by a great club night and throw on Diva Techno like Agebeat and Kovary. On the rock tip, we're huge fans of Baltimore's Beach House and the UK's Metronomy; the XX brings a sex rock vibe. On the Pop tip, we love Ke$ha's new single and Nicki Minaj. And, we like to keep our gangster hustle on with Too Short, Lil Wayne, DJ Drama, Jay-Z.


What were you doing before founding Pop Physique and what inspired you to open Pop Physique?  I was a professional ballet dancer, and then a Pilates instructor.  I wanted to create something using my experience that was fun and inspiring to the modern woman.  The Silverlake neighborhood in Los Angeles (where the first studio is located) was in need of this and it really spoke to the creative class.  It took off right away!

Favorite workout brand? OmGirl and old t-shirts

Personal eating style? Mostly vegetarian.  We cook and eat together for company meetings - very light and healthy fare.

Guilty pleasure? Ice Cream!  At least it has calcium!  I get the good stuff, French pot process "imported" from Cincinnati - Graeters!

Your “go-to” workout songs? Anything by Deadmau5

Favorite weekend getaway spot? Santa Barbara or even a hotel in LA, just ordering room service and stay in!

If you could give GoRecess users one piece of fitness advice what would it be? Put everything into your workouts; don't wait to be challenged.  You know your body best and you can push yourself hard each day.  But, have fun!  Use good music and smile when you work out!

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