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GoRecess Playground Pro: Tara Faye, PNT Fitness; Long Island City, NY


Studio Where She Teaches: PNT Fitness; Long Island City, NY

Classes She Teaches:  Insane Kickbox Camp, Cycle Party, Butts N Guts, Sweat Shop, Cycle Virgin, Outdoor Bootcamp, Cycle Quickie

Hometown: Sinking Spring, PA

Background: Tara Faye is the owner and manager of a boutique fitness studio, PNT Fitness, and has been making waves in the fitness industry for almost 10 years.  It was her mother who originally sparked her interest in group fitness because she was instructor throughout Tara’s childhood. It was during college that Tara began instructing classes and received her Group Fitness Certification through the American Council of Exercise (ACE) and shortly thereafter her Personal Training Certification through the Aerobics & Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and Spinning Certification through Mad Dogg Athletics. After college she taught all over the city and began renting studios for classes and gathered a personal following in Manhattan.  While still maintaining her other full-time position as a Broadway production accountant for 321 Theatrical Management, she instructs 10-12 classes per week and has personal training clients as well!


How did you get involved in group fitness and what inspired you to become an instructor? Group fitness has always intrigued me because of my dance background; it was a way to combine my creative side with my love for fitness because I could create new routines and develop a style that separated me from other fitness instructors. I am inspired because of my clients. Hearing people tell me how strong and good they feel and how that they enjoy my classes is the best inspiration!

How would you describe your teaching style? Tough, but doable; that is the goal of my teaching style. I want you to leave from my workout and feel like it was super challenging, but you accomplished it, because that’s a great feeling! I am there to reinforce your personal capabilities. It’s mind over body because our body is so much more capable than our mind tells us and my teaching style helps people to realize this!

What inspired you to open PNT Fitness? PNT Fitness, which stands for the military tactic, "Positioning, Navigation & Timing", was created for several reasons. One being that I had been renting studios to instruct my own classes in addition to teaching at other gyms for years and it was time to focus my efforts to a single studio in an area of New York that could really benefit from it. Long Island City has seen an influx of people and is a growing neighborhood with a clear future. It really lacked fitness options for all of its residents, until PNT Fitness came along in 2011.

What’s your personal fitness routine and how are you preparing for the Bikini Body Building competition? Because of my intense instructing schedule, I allow myself one off day from a workout. If I have a second day that week that I am not instructing ,you will find me running or checking out another group fitness class. I consider myself the cardio queen!

I do plan to compete in a Bikini Body Building competition in the near future and will begin my training with an amazing team of women called Bombshell Fitness, based in Florida. They will provide me with the workout and dietary plan to be successful in competition. I am anticipating lots of weight training - dumbbells are calling my name!

How do you like spending your time when you're not teaching? Traveling, catching up with friends and making new fitness music mixes.

Your “go-to” workout song? “Turbulence” by Steve Aoki, featuring Lil Jon -  it’s INTENSE!

Favorite workout brand? lululemon, but recently getting into VSX (Victoria Secret’s new line of workout gear)

What do you eat/not eat? I eat everything – just not all the time! Moderation is key.

Your guilty pleasure? Dessert Cocktails

Favorite spots in Long Island City? Gantry Park, Sweet Leaf espresso bar, Snob Nail Salon (amazing city views, coffee & nice nails – what more do you need!?)

Favorite travel destination? I love Puerto Rico... palm tree paradise, nightlife, and the beauty of Old San Juan, all on a non-stop flight from NYC and it’s still the US!


For someone who is new to taking group fitness classes, why do you recommend them? Do you find yourself going to gym and doing the same things (elliptical, treadmill, abs, a couple bicep curls) and wondering why you don’t see results?  Group fitness will break through your barriers and challenge you in new ways, and you will be surrounded by encouraging people and instructors who can make sure you’re doing the workout properly.  Just try it! What do you have to lose?! A lot of people are worried they lack coordination, however cycling and other weight training based classes do not require a lot of it.  Just stop using that excuse and give it a go!

The exercise move everyone should master: Burpees! Best exercise ever. Builds core strength and is a fat blaster!

If you could give GoRecess users one piece of fitness advice what would it be? Be Stronger Than Excuses!  There are 101 excuses you could find to not workout; I have heard them all, but you have to break the habit! Stop blaming your career, genetics, money, kids, your love for food and start building fitness into your life for good.  You can always find an excuse, but next time you hear yourself making one choose to be stronger than that! Before you know it, you’ll be healthier, happier and driven to find new fitness fun!


What types of classes are offered at PNT Fitness and what makes your studio unique? PNT Fitness is unique because of our intimate class size and wide variety of classes offered.  In such a big city, it’s hard to find classes where the instructor knows you and you can get individual attention in an energized group setting.  There are never more than 11 people in class and our trainers get to know the clients and help them stay driven and work towards their goals while keeping it fun and new. We have indoor cycling bikes and offer classes such as Cycle Virgin (great way to get into cycling or to review the basics), Vicious Cycle (45-60 min interval class), Diva Spin (music by the Diva of the week), Cycle Party (small weights while cycling) and Double Trouble: Spin & Sculpt (20 min cycle and 20 min body sculpt). Other classes include: Insane Kickbox Camp (kickboxing & bootcamp intervals), Sweat Shop (weight training & cardio intervals), Butts N Guts, Body Sculpt, ABsolutely Awesome Arms, and Outdoor Bootcamp in the summer as well!

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