GoRecess Studio Spotlight: Mind & Motion; Los Angeles, CA


- By Caila Ball

Location: Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles

Classes Offered: Reformer Pilates at three levels: Introductory Class, Level 1 and Level 2; Specialty and private classes - including Pilates for Dancers, Exercise & Relaxation for Actors, and Prenatal Pilates classes are available upon request.

Why You Should Check It Out: Describing itself as “a holistic Pilates studio with attention to the individual,” Mind & Motion keeps its group classes small to deliver this promise. 

Each class has no more than four total students, allowing the instructor to give one-on-one attention to each student throughout the class. Beyond core-toning and muscle chiseling, owner Meghan Pickrell is a movement specialist, and uses her expertise as an M.S. Kinesiology to educate students about each movement. The benefits of her education shine through in the uber-informative introductory class, complete with skeleton diagrams and form correction!

What Makes It Such An Effective Workout? Individually tailored classes are more than just a company line at Mind & Motion. Prior to starting the introductory class, the instructor asks each student what they are hoping to gain from Pilates. Whether it’s a toned core, reduced back pain, increased flexibility, increased balance, breath control, weight loss or countless other benefits, the student decides his or her own focus; it is not dictated by the instructor.

Those new to reformer Pilates will notice that the reformer heightens awareness of the space the body occupies, the body’s movement and effects of minor adjustments to form. The strength and endurance challenge increases with the use of the reformer’s resistance springs, causing arguably quicker results than standard mat Pilates…if you’re up for the challenge!

Know Before You Go: The first introductory class is free, and will give even Pilates first-timers the confidence to try a Level 1 group class. For more experienced Pilates practitioners, this introductory provides an assessment and level recommendation for future sessions.  

As class space is extremely limited, signing up in advance is strongly recommended. Check the schedule for intro class times, and arrive 15 minutes in advance of this class to fill out paperwork.

Come Prepared With: The studio has no set guidelines on attire, but advises students to wear clothing that they feel comfortable moving and stretching in. A changing room is available onsite; a locker room and shower facilities are not.

A Fitness Oasis: Mind & Motion’s upscale Hancock Park studio is the picture of fitness luxury. The highly-stylish reception area provides a relaxing environment for students to meditate and prepare for class, and the bright studio fills with natural light during the day.

About Mind & Motion: At Mind & Motion we offer a new type of fitness program that combines fitness with awareness. Think of it as a “Moving Meditation.” With guidance from your practitioner, a variety of cues are given to direct your focus to specific areas. Cues may direct focus to anatomical images, muscular sensations or a movement sequence. This holistic approach engages you more fully into the workout – creating amazing results. You will understand patterns that contribute to pain and how to work in a balanced manner. Your body will change, becoming more biomechanically sound, and aesthetically pleasing. With a greater sense of awareness, you will move with confidence, ease, and grace.

“As a Kinesiologist I have a vast understanding of movement. My biomechanical background has taught me how to break down exercise in order to teach with science like precision. Adjustments of form and thorough explanations can make a simple movement intensely challenging – just ask my clients! My intention is for all of my clients to learn and understand the capabilities of their body. Through understanding, challenging exercise and greater awareness, you will appreciate and cherish your body.”  - Meghan Pickrell, M.S.

About the Owner: A dancer since the age of 7, Meghan Pickrell has worked as a Movement Specialist since 2001. After studying with the Utah Ballet, she earned a B.A. in dance from the University of Colorado-Boulder. Her education continued with Carole Amend and others at Bodies Mind® in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was there she learned the full Pilates repertoire, Wetzig Coordination Patterns™, movement phenomenology and more, thereby earning the title of Movement Specialist. Over the past decade Meghan has worked both in New York City and Los Angeles and recently returned to academia, earning my Master’s of Science in Kinesiology.

She loves giving a thorough intense workout, but her specialties include working with low back pain, disc herniation, scoliosis, sacrum instability and chronic conditions. She uses a myriad of techniques including a full Pilates repertoire, coordination patterns, yoga, and functional movement in order to assist her clients with proper alignment, joint function, strength and flexibility. She has completed Level 1 of the Trager® certification and is in the process of getting certified as a Trager® practitioner.

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