GoRecess Studio Spotlight: Juicy Athletic Moves; Malibu, CA


- By Caila Ball

Tucked away behind the Malibu Country Mart is a small studio that delivers big results. JAM (Juicy Athletic Moves) – is a fast-paced movement class that combines cardio training, strength building and toning through dance-inspired movements. The atmosphere is fun and open, so even newbies can feel comfortable following along with the routines.

Designed and taught by celebrity trainer Neda Soderqvist - whose clients have included Minnie Driver, Brooke Burke and Pink - JAM is an intense full-body workout that delivers fast results. Beyond the slimming and muscle-toning benefits, the class empowers students to let loose and unleash their inner sexy in a supportive, welcoming environment. Get ready to sweat...and for your inner goddess to roar.

Location: Malibu, CA

Classes Offered: Juicy Athletic Moves, Private Training

Why It’s So Effective: JAM’s long sweat-session has the calories melting, but the fitness benefits don’t end there. Coach Neda’s background in physiology and physical therapy shines through the workout, which leaves no muscle group behind and teaches students to work their bodies in the right way. 

Targeting fast twitch muscles, her program brings the body to its threshold of exhaustion, keeping students’ heart rates at an ideal point for fat burning. Isometric holds are incorporated when the body is already warmed up, giving the core, arms and legs an extra kicker to tone muscle. Not overlooking the importance of flexibility and muscle elongation, JAM promotes both with stretching throughout class. 

Sounds challenging? It is, but the class is so fun that the hard work factor might just slip your mind. The sweat is punctuated with the positivity of a supportive group class, and the booty-shaking movements promote not just calorie burn, but laughing, smiles and a darn good time.

On the Playlist: Get ready to move to anything from Bollywood hits, to contemporary rap. All of the fast-paced music will keep you moving, and makes the class fly by.

Know Before You Go: Keep an eye out for the small studio trailer, which is set back from Cross Creek Road just past the Malibu Country Mart, but before the security gate. Free parking is available in the studio lot.

Students can take the class in sneakers or with grip socks. Bring a water bottle and prepare to sweat in this highly aerobic class.

The class is scheduled for an hour and 15 minutes, but can run over its scheduled time (and you might be having too much fun to notice!). If you need to stick to a schedule, check your watch periodically. 

About the Owner: Celebrity trainer Neda Soderqvist has worked with A-list stars like Brooke Burke, Pink and Minnie Driver, along with professional backup dancers, marathoners, triathletes and bodybuilders. Now, she brings her scientifically developed private training program to the masses with JAM, and gives every student the star treatment. No matter the class size, she makes the effort to learn every student’s name, and gives personal encouragement and modifications throughout the class. 

An all-around athlete, Neda has been teaching or participating in just about every sport imaginable for over 15 years. She has competed in triathlons, marathons, adventure races and even 220-mile bike races overseas! Among her accolades and positive testimonials, Coach Neda won the title of Top Fitness Trainer in 2008 by Exercise TV.

Advice for First Timers: JAM is designed to be accessible for students at all fitness, as long as they commit to the work. The studio will offer a beginner level class on Sunday mornings for those who want to ease into the program.

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