Fall Foods to Add To Your Diet


- By Caila Ball-Dionne

It’s hitting that time of year when the summer farmer's market withdrawal hits. Corn on the cob is becoming non-existent (or just not fresh!), and those once-abundant summer berries are getting awfully expensive.

Time to transition! The Fall harvest is packed with plenty of super foods to cure the post-summer blues. These healthy menu staples will have you loving awesome autumn! 

The Fall Food: Cauliflower
Why we love it: In addition to its awesome health benefits – like high fiber, healthy heart promotion and antioxidants, cauliflower is the ultimate blank canvas! This versatile veggie can be dressed up for any occasion with just about any spice.
Try it in: Bench your Buffalo wings and sub in roasted cauliflower with hot sauce for a delicious vegetarian treat at your next football gathering.

The Fall Food: Beets
Why we love it: In addition to their natural sweetness, beets are also a great source of Vitamins A, B and C; along with folic acid.
Try it in: As any juice enthusiast will tell you, beets are the base of many delicious juice combos. We are partial to juicing beets with carrots and ginger, or even adding them to a super food smoothie!

The Fall Food: Pumpkin
Why we love it: Good for more than just carving, this super food is high in vitamin A and fiber. What’s more: a cup of pumpkin has more refueling potassium than a medium banana, so it’s a great post-workout recovery food!
Try it in: News flash: you’re probably not getting actual pumpkin in those sweet, delicious, pumpkin lattes. Instead, puree your pumpkin as a base for an easy, healthy pumpkin soup. 

The Fall Food: Brussels Sprouts
Why we love it: Brussels Sprouts have come a long way since you rejected them as a child!  A delicious balsamic glaze will take the high fiber, high-antioxidant veggie from bland to crave-worthy.
Try it in: Add your favorite seasoning and a touch of olive oil to roast this healthy side dish. As tempting as it is: hold the bacon and parmesan, and definitely don’t fry. 

The Fall Food(s): Rutabaga, Parsnips and Turnips
Why we love it: No offense, sweet potatoes, but you are just so predictable. The often-overlooked root vegetable trio of rutabaga, parsnips and turnips are high in recovery-promoting potassium; Vitamins E, C and K; antioxidants; fiber; and Manganese.
Try it in: Roast the three together and serve as a side dish with chicken or another lean protein.

The Fall Food: Apple
Why we love it: This orchard favorite is not only filled with antioxidants and fiber, but has also been shown to boost exercise endurance and lower the risk of heart disease.
Try it in: Give yourself a post-workout boost with a simple apple and almond butter snack!

The Fall Food: Spaghetti Squash
Why we love it: Looking for a low-carb substitution for pasta? Look no further than this root veggie, which is high in Vitamins C and B-6; fiber; riboflavin; and thiamin, among other minerals.
Try it in: Use the squash in its namesake dish, and trade in for spaghetti it in any of your usual pasta dishes! Roast the spaghetti squash, pull the insides out in long, strands and top with your favorite sauce.

The Fall Food: Pomegranate
Why we love it: Though the popular pomegranate is mostly known for its antioxidant power, this fruit is also high in vitamin B, folic acid and iron.
Try it on: Whether it’s a fruit or vegetable salad, topping it with pomegranate takes it to a new level.

What is your favorite healthy Fall ingredient? Let us know in the comments below!

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