Summer Fat Blaster


- By Melissa Paris, Instructor at Exceed Physical Culture

Summer is coming and it's time to step things up a notch. This TOTAL BODY workout will help you work up a sweat and burn calories and fat. And no excuses - it doesn't require you to spend any money, can be modified for almost any fitness level by upping the speed and reps for time, and can be done almost anywhere! All you need is a bench/box/couch/chair something that is stable.

Do every exercise for 1 minute (less or more depending on ability level). Go for 3-4 rounds:

  1. Step ups alternating legs.
  2. Dips (straight leg butt hits the floor for split second and back up).
  3. Decline Push ups. Feet on box.
  4. Box kicks. Facing the box alternate tapping toe to edge of box.  Pick up the speed to burn more calories and make more challenging.
  5. Split Squat. Back is to the box, one foot on the ground, one foot on the box, squat down with single leg as low as you can go. 30 seconds each leg.
  6. Plank. Feet on box. To make more challenging pick up one leg.
  7. Box jumps. 
  8. Mountain climbers with hands on bench.
About Melissa Paris

Melissa’s fascination with the human body and the vital connection between emotional health and the physical body led her to obtain a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Montclair State University. She teaches at Exceed Physical Culture in NYC and also works with brands like lululemon and Avon to help bring the community together through fitness and healthy eating. Melissa holds certifications in personal training from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, pre and postnatal, CES, integrated flexibility training, the TRX system, and MET Coaching. 

Follow Melissa on Instagram and check out her blog for more workouts and healthy eating tips.

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