GoRecess Playground Pro: Ed Cashin, Exceed Fitness



Studios Where He Teaches: Exceed Fitness, NYC; Exceed Fitness, East Hampton

Classes He Teaches: TRX®, TR-Xbox, Kettlebell Fusion, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Jump Start, Exceed Team Training

Hometown: Amagansett, NY

Background: Ed Cashin is the Co-Founder of Exceed Fitness in NYC and Exceed Fitness in East Hampton and one of the country's most renowned fitness trainers, having enjoyed a 25-year career where he specializes in TRX®, Russian Kettlebell and sport-specific training.


What inspired you to become an instructor and what is your favorite part of teaching? I was inspired by the energy that a group can create.  My favorite part would be watching others progress, observing people achieving their goals.

Why do you think group fitness classes are a great way to get a workout? People feed off of each other's energy.

What exactly is TRX® and why do you recommend it? TRX® is total resistance exercise that uses the Suspension Trainer™ to leverage gravity and the user’s bodyweight.  I recommend it because it engages your core before any other part of the body!

For someone who has never tried TRX®, what advice do you have? Start slow and learn the foundational exercises and work the plank!

And what exactly are kettlebells and why do recommend using them to workout? Kettlebells are basically cannonballs with handles.  I recommend them because they are the best and most efficient training tool to work the whole body.

Any advice for kettlebell newbies? Learn to hinge your hips.  There is a big difference between a hip hinge and a squat!

How do you like spending your time when you're not teaching? With my family and doing program design.

Your “go-to” workout song? Any Nickleback

Favorite workout brand: RKC Kettlebell

What do you eat? Avocados. Not eat? There is nothing I don’t eat.

Your guilty pleasure? Chocolate

The exercise move everyone should master: The deadlift

If you could give GoRecess users one piece of fitness advice what would it be? Walk before you run, make it part of your life and enjoy it!

Favorite inspirational quote? Use your body as an instrument not an ornament.


What makes Exceed Fitness unique and is it true you have a “playground” too? We don’t use machines.  We are the only gym whose training and classes are based on functional fitness.  Our clients move around the floor using jump ropes, doing sprints, and using the monkey bars so it often feels like a playground in here!


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