10 Reasons to Try TRX


​"A dirty little secret," says TRX founder and inventor Randy Hetrick, "is that all Navy SEALs learn to sew in order to maintain and repair gear."  On one deployment, Randy brought his sewing prowess to bear on a nagging problem: How to stay mission-fit on the road.  Randy experimented with an old jiu-jitsu belt and some surplus parachute webbing, hung his handmade contraption over a door, and discovered the endless versatility of the tool he created.  Suddenly, he was doing rows, pull-ups, presses, curls, shoulder raises, flys, pull-overs, tricep extensions and a host of other exercises....and TRX Suspension Training® bodyweight exercise was born. Now a mainstay in the training rooms of champion teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB, as well as all four branches of the US Military, here are 10 reasons to try TRX for yourself.

  1. Get a total-body workout. TRX training delivers exercises for every muscle in your body with just one piece of equipment.
  2. All levels, all goals. TRX can be used by anyone, from seniors to elite athletes, to reach any individual training goal.
  3. TRX classes are fun and unlike any workout you’ve ever done before. Plus, you get to defy gravity. 
  4. A great tool for your warm up and cool down with exercises that improve mobility and flexibility.
  5. TRX complements your current training regimen and fits in nicely between cardio-based workouts. 
  6. Advance your training at your own pace. Just move towards or away from where you hang up your TRX to make each exercise harder or easier. 
  7. TRX exercises make the body work as an integrated system and leverage your own body as resistance, so you get more done in less time than traditional weight training. 
  8. All core all the time. Your core will be fully engaged during every single exercise. 
  9. Have an injury? TRX exercises can be modified and incorporated into a rehabilitation program. 
  10. You won’t ever get bored. Ever. Highly versatile, you can perform hundreds of functional exercises with TRX to build strength, endurance, power, core stability and more. 
TRX founder and inventor Randy Hetrick's 14-year career as a Navy SEAL commando culminated as a Squadron Commander of the SEAL's elite special missions unit where circumstances inspired him to experiment with what would become TRX. The TRX Suspension Trainer is the original workout system that leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. Rip Training utilizes a lever bar and resistance cord to provide a unique mix of rotation, core stability, control, power, strength, mobility, metabolic conditioning, balance and coordination challenges. 

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