5 Reasons Women Shouldn't be Afraid of Weights


Scared weight training will bulk you up? Celebrity trainer and go-to fitness guru Joey Gonzalez from Barry's Bootcamp shares 5 reasons women shouldn't be afraid of weights and why they are the secret to getting a lean, sculpted body.

  1. Results: Most women think the key to looking good is cardio cardio cardio. However, too much cardio can actually be counter-productive when trying to achieve that perfect figure.  Lifting weights is the secret to getting a lean, hard body and ridding your body of any excess fat and softness, which tends to accumulate as women get older.  90% of the female clients I see in NYC come to me after having over-trained with cardio.
  2. Metabolism: The calories burned during weight lifting are obviously a plus, but another advantage over cardiovascular exercise is that it also increases metabolic rate from anywhere between 10% to 25% for up to 48 hours, with some studies showing an increase in metabolic rate for up to even 72 hours. This equates to hundreds of extra calories, which over the course of a few workouts can become significant.  
  3. Strength: There is simply nothing better than becoming physically AND mentally stronger.  Lifting weights and strength training helps prepare women for everyday activities that may otherwise prove difficult; carrying heavy groceries or lifting up kids.  Weight training also has the power to induce pleasure by releasing endorphins, the “feel-good” chemical in your brain. Research shows that resistance training can help beat the blues.
  4. Tone NOT Bulk: Many women miss out on the benefits of strength training out of fear of developing bulging muscles. This is a misperception. According to the Women's Heart Foundation, high levels of estrogen make it very difficult for women to become overly muscular.   When women lift weights, the changes to their muscles are generally related to tone, strength, and endurance rather than size. The resulting look is firm, feminine toning -- not bulky masculine muscles.
  5. Bone Density: Lastly, As women age they become increasingly susceptible to bone loss and osteoporosis.  Until the age of 30 to 35 we continue to build up our bones, but after this the density tends to decline with increasing years, leaving many women prone to fractures and falls later in life.  Weight bearing exercise has been shown to help increase bone density and slow the process of bone loss over time.  For younger women, strength training can help to build strong bones that are therefore more resistant to bone loss in later life, and for older women, this type of training can help to slow the process of bones becoming brittle.
One of the top celebrity trainers in Los Angeles and NYC (and named NYC's hottest male trainer by Racked NYC), Joey Gonzalez has become a go-to fitness Guru in Hollywood and is regularly featured on television and in magazines. In 2006, he partnered with Barry's Bootcamp to help bring "The Best Workout in the World" to San Diego and New York City, in addition to becoming a founding member of the Barry's Bootcamp Franchise Co. While continuing to teach classes when he can, Gonzalez has dedicated his life to expanding the brand across the country and world!

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