GoRecess Studio Spotlight: YAS Fitness Centers


- By Caila Ball

Locations: YAS’s Southern California locations include Silverlake neighborhood in Los Angeles, Venice, Downtown Los Angeles and Costa Mesa

Classes Offered: Yoga for Athletes® levels 1-3, Indoor Cycling, YAS Class, YAS Ripped

Owner: Kimberly Fowler, best-selling author of The No OM Zone

Why You Should Check It Out: As the first fitness program dedicated to the combination of Yoga and Spinning®, the YAS workout provides a balance of intense cardio intervals, strength training, stretching and alignment. For busy, on-the-go folks who want a complete workout in one hour, the signature YAS Class - 30 minutes of indoor cycling followed by 30 minutes of power yoga - provides just that. 

Owner Kimberly Fowler, bestselling author of The No OM Zone, has curated a group of expert instructors who lead these efficient workouts with a no muss, no fuss philosophy. Though you won’t find incense or OMing in the yoga classes, the focus on breath and traditional poses will provide the fitness and mental benefits of power yoga for athletes and aspiring athletes alike. 

When it comes to indoor cycling, the cardio bursts are fueled by a killer playlist, and punctuated by (much-appreciated) water breaks to help sustain the challenging workout.

Know Before You Go: New to indoor cycling or yoga? Fear not: Classes are designed for all levels, including beginners, and the friendly instructors are on hand to help you set up, work on your form and answer any questions you may have. As an added bonus, your first class is free! Just be sure to arrive to class 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork and review the basics. Your best bet is to to sign up in advance, as classes may sell out.

Newbies and experienced cyclists alike should come prepared to SWEAT during Indoor Cycling and YAS Class. As with any challenging workout, be patient with your progress. Focus on improving your own form and fitness, and only increase your pace and the bike resistance when you are ready.

Come Prepared With: Come to all classes donning your comfortable workout attire. For spinning classes, avoid loose-fitting clothing: stick with biking shorts or athletic leggings instead. All of the indoor cycling bikes are equipped with both “Look” and “SPD” clips should you wish to use spinning shoes; baskets are available for any supportive athletic shoes. Though not required, a bottle of water and a workout towel will help combat the indoor cycling-induced sweat. Bring your own yoga mat for Yoga for Athletes and YAS Class.

Note: Studios have bottles of water available for purchase and yoga mats available for rent. Spinning shoe rental is not available.

What Makes It Such An Effective Workout? Energy, motivation and music come together to make classes at YAS safe, fun and effective. Even as you are still working to increase your RPMs and resistance on the bike, or strength and flexibility on the mat, the encouraging instructors will help you get a fantastic workout at any level. The YAS Class, or a mix of Yoga for Athletes®, Indoor Cycling and YAS Ripped will help you burn calories, tone muscles and increase flexibility. 

Kimberly Fowler’s Words of Wisdom: “I am not your Guru. You are.”

A hybrid fitness movement combining Yoga and indoor cycling, YAS is for people who value their health, fitness and time. A smart combination of cardio, strength training, stretching and alignment, YAS is a succinct and balanced solution to all your fitness needs. YAS offers immaculate and spacious studios, expert instructors, great music and precise routines. YAS is home to a great community of like-minded, people looking to take their fitness to the next level and inspiring us to be serious at making excellent fitness fun. 

The very first fitness program dedicated to the combination of Yoga and Spinning®, YAS Fitness Studios were created and founded in 2001 by Kimberly Fowler. Kimberly Fowler is a pioneer within the fitness industry. Her best-selling practical guide to yoga, The No OM Zone, published by Rodale, is available at all YAS Fitness Centers, as are her three workout DVDs (YOGA for ATHLETES®, The No OM Zone Yoga Workouts, Yoga + Weights Ripped DVD) and signature YAS yoga and sportswear line. In September, 2013 Kimberly's new book, Flat Belly Yoga (The workout companion to the New York Times Best Selling Book, Flat Belly Diet) published by Prevention Books releases along with the DVD Flat Belly Yoga. Kimberly is an avid athlete and is actively involved in the day-to-day operations of her company, including teaching and a regular in class.

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