3 Tips for New Runners to Go The Distance, Pain-Free


- By Nathaniel Oliver, Founder of Fitness Runs

Thinking of adding running to your routine or amping up your mileage? Running is a great way to get in shape and you can do it almost anywhere. Before lacing up, follow these three tips from running coach Nathaniel Oliver, founder of Fitness Runs in NYC. 

  1. Buy Proper Fitting Sneakers.  There is nothing like running in the wrong sneakers.  Not only will it be uncomfortable but you could injure yourself with sneakers that don’t provide enough support for your feet.  A simple tip is to buy running sneakers that are a half-size bigger than your normal size.  For best results, check out your local running or athletics store to have a gait analysis done to find a sneaker that works for your biomechanics, is comfortable, and meets your running goals.  
  2. Add Strength Training to Your Workout.  A lack of strength training is one of the leading causes of running injuries.  Strength training is a must to protect your joints, specifically the hips, knees and ankles.  Follow a simple full body strength training program two times per week to build strength, stability and even flexibility, while helping to prevent injury.

  3. Stretch It Out.  If you spend a lot of time around runners, you've probably heard them complain at some point, "I'm tight." Any highly repetitive sport such as running or indoor cycling will tighten muscles and could lead to an overuse injury down the road.  To combat this, simply stretch and foam roll areas that are tight with a focus on key areas such as calves, IT bands, quadriceps and upper back.  It’s worth taking a few yoga classes to complement your runs and take a mini lesson in stretching or foam rolling. Your body will thank you and most runners wish they started stretching when they first started running. The good news is that it’s never too late to start and reap the benefits. 

Nathaniel Oliver, fitness expert, personal trainer, avid marathon runner and triathlete, developed FitnessRuns™ after spending over a decade delivering customized in-home personal training to some of New York’s busiest executives, actors and models. FitnessRuns offers classes that combine running with cross training as well as yoga to improve cardio, strength and flexibility.  Nathaniel is certified by The American Council on Exercise, is a Medical Exercise Specialist from American Academy of Health, Fitness, and Rehabilitation Professionals, and leads the ASICS running group in NYC's Meatpacking District. He has been featured in Time Out NY, Allure “Total Makeover”, New York Magazine's “Best of New York”, and Weight Watchers.

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  • These 3 tips really very helpful for new runners. Thanks

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