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7 Reasons to Try Kundalini Yoga


Kundalini Yoga is yoga for the mind, body and spirit. In a rapidly changing world, Kundalini Yoga provides tools to be centered and move through with ease. What was once a mystery, is now available to all to experience the many psychological and spiritual benefits.  Here, Carmita de Vries of Golden Bridge Yoga in NYC shares 7 reasons to try Kundalini Yoga.  

  1. HAVE IT ALL: Kundalini Yoga incorporates posture (asana), meditation and sound (mantra).
  2. GONG BATH: Many classes involve the teacher playing the gong; the vibrations of the gong are known to heal, support and/or elevate your experience.
  3. SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY: Kundalini Yoga is a technology, a practice of angles and triangles all with a specific intention to support you in all you do.
  4. MEDITATION: Each class always includes meditation, which is known to center, ground and calm the mind. And if you “can’t quiet the mind”…that’s okay too, just go with it!
  5. POWER OF BREATH: Kundalini Yoga encourages and emphasizes the use of breath (pranayama) that can help anything from insomnia to depression to sleepiness and more!
  6. SOUND: Sound currents carry healing and power within. Kundalini Yoga uses intentionally created mantra that assist in calming, decision-making, healing and so much more.
  7. COMMUNITY! You will find a community among your fellow students and the staff.

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