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What is Brooklyn Bodyburn and what makes it unique from other studios?

Brooklyn Bodyburn is an exclusive licensee of the Lagree Fitness method and the only studio in Brooklyn to offer the popularized MegaFormer workout. Lagree Fitness was founded by celebrity fitness guru Sebastien Lagree and originated in Los Angeles 10 years ago. The "pilates on crack" workout method is a favorite among West Coast fitness enthusiasts.

The MegaFormer workout is unique in that it trains the WHOLE body by providing infinitely more exercise options than a traditional reformer and constant resistance through its system of springs and pulleys. It encourages maximum exertion and allows the body to shift quickly and smoothly from one exercise to the next while working both the upper and lower body and maintaining an increased heart rate at fat-burning cardio levels. The intensity of the MegaFormer allows you to effectively combine Strength, Endurance, Cardio, Balance, Core and Flexibility training not only in one session but also in each and every move. All muscle groups are worked to fatigue to achieve maximum muscle definition in a non-aggressive, non-impact manner. You can expect 50-minutes of calorie-burning, muscle-quivering, shirt-drenching, total-body conditioning on our state-of-the-art MegaFormers in a high energy, small group class setting. The studio is equipped with 10 MegaFormers!

Tell us about yourself and your personal inspiration for starting Brooklyn Bodyburn.

Tracy Carlinsky, Founder of Brooklyn Bodyburn

Growing up a dedicated ballet dancer, I have always craved an intense fitness regimen. Although a native New Yorker, I found myself bouncing back and forth between living in New York City and Los Angeles. After trying dozens of workouts throughout both coasts, I was finally able to fulfill my fitness craving with the MegaFormer in Los Angeles. I was hooked as soon as I took my first class! I was searching for a hi-intensity, low-impact workout. A friend told me about a studio in Santa Monica so I decided to give it a try. Within 5 minutes of class my legs were shaking, abs were burning and body was in complete shock...in a good way. I left that class sore in all the right places. I had worked muscles that I had never felt before. The way your body moves on the machine, sequencing of the workout and focus on core stability is what makes this workout so effective. Your core is engaged throughout the entire class and each muscle group is worked to complete exhaustion before moving on to the next. The workout is low-impact which makes it ideal for injury prevention and rehabilitation and focuses on slow and controlled movements which are ideal for building strong, lean muscles and improving balance and flexibility. However, after practicing the method for a few months, it became much more than just exercise to me. I immediately became hooked on the mind body connection. You can train your muscles to work a certain way and it's amazing how powerful the connection between your mind and body is. You are much stronger than you think and it's empowering and motivating to see and feel your body change and do things you did not think were possible. Everyone's body is different but depending on your age, gender, height and weight you can burn anywhere from 300-700 calories per class!

Lagree Fitness had become a way of life for me. So, when I decided to move back to NY, leaving the workout behind was not an option. I was amazed by the fact that there were SO many studios in California and none on the East Coast. I had been raving about the workout to all of my friends back East and was dying to introduce it to them. I had visited friends in Brooklyn during my trips back to New York. I loved Brooklyn because I liked that it was close to the city but still had that neighborhood vibe. The one thing that I did not like was the lack of fitness studios! With that said, I thought Brooklyn would be the perfect spot for a studio. I didn't see why all of the Brooklynites needed to travel into the city to workout. I became an official licensee of the workout and nailed down my first location which is in Williamsburg right on the waterfront at the bottom of The Edge condominium complex. I want everyone to feel just how powerful this workout is and how it will not only change your body but also the way you deal with everyday obstacles in your life. Your confidence builds as you accomplish more in each class which motivates you and helps you to tackle everyday issues. You are stronger on the inside and out.

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What advice do you have for first-timers at Brooklyn Bodyburn?

Come in with an open mind! The workout is challenging and the machine and exercises can be confusing during the first few classes. Know that your body will quickly adjust to the machine and workout if you incorporate this into your weekly exercise regimen. People tend to be shocked by how challenging and intense the workout is after their first class. Your body will quickly adjust and you will see results fast! Also keep in mind that you may be significantly more sore two days after your first class. Drinks lots of water and maintain a nutritious diet to help repair the muscles and speed up the recovery time so you can get back in!

What are your expansion plans?

Next stop.. South Brooklyn! I want to open a few locations within Brooklyn. I know that it's hard for all of the South Brooklyn residents to get to Williamsburg. Not to fret... I hope to open a location there within 12-18 months. Get ready!

Tell us about the team of instructors you've hired.

I have an amazing team of instructors! All of my instructors are just as passionate about the workout as me which was critical when putting together my team. They all understand how the workout affects the body and how to sequence the classes. Although each instructor will add their own flare, you will get the same quality workout no matter which class or teacher you attend!

Brooklyn Bodyburn

What's hot on Brooklyn Bodyburn's playlist right now?

We're all about the remixes! I love finding new remixes on SoundCloud and Steady130. We like to mix it up so that we can try and appeal to everyone in the class. We include pop, electronic, rap, 80's, 90's and rock! Favorites right now are:

One and Only (R3hab Remix) - Cherry Cherry Boom Boom
I Love It (feat Charli XCX) - Iconic- EP- Icona Pop
Dancing in Houston (Robyn vs. Whitney Houston)
Sweat (David Guetta Remix)- Snoop Dog

Favorite workout brand?

Hmm.. I'm actually on the hunt for something new and fresh. Right now I would say both Splits59 and lululemon.

Your personal eating style?

I recently went gluten free and love it. I have acid reflux so I have to stay away from some foods. I focus on eating organic whenever possible, fresh fruits and veggies, low sugar and lots of greens! I don't eat red meat but I eat lots of fish and occasionally I will have some organic chicken. Nuts in the raw for a mid-day snack! My guilty pleasure is a nice glass of wine. :)

Favorite things to do in Brooklyn?

I LOVE living in Williamsburg! A few of many favorite spots for dinner are:
Cafe Mogador, Fabbrica, 1 or 8, Rosarito Fish Shack and Reynard in the Wythe Hotel

I'm a big fan of drinking my breakfast or lunch so I hit up Tiny Empire pretty frequently!

I love going for a run around the hood on a nice day and hitting up the Brooklyn Flea during the warm weather months. Luckily it's right outside the studio!

french twist

If you could give GoRecess users one piece of fitness advice, what would it be?

Explore all different workouts until you find the one that fits you best! There's a workout for everyone. Keep searching until you have found something that motivates and inspires you! Remember...you can always come take class at Brooklyn Bodyburn :)

Itching to try it? Book the best Megaformer experience in Brooklyn here.

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