GoRecess on the Go: Fit Travel Tips from Crystal Meers of Fathom Away


- By Geraldine Campbell

"The travel site reinvented", Fathom celebrates all the reasons why we pack our bags, get on a plane, hitch a ride, and explore beyond our backyards.  As a writer, editor and Creative Director at Fathom, Crystal Meers shares how she stays fit on the go. 

Eat your oats. I try to pack a kale salad for a long flight, but when I can't (and sometimes even when I can) I bring a Vigilant Eats coconut maple vanilla superfood cup as backup. Just add hot or cold water and you've got yourself a meal that's much more satisfying than a bar.

Walk everywhere. It's one of my favorite ways to see a new place or make new discoveries when I'm somewhere I've been before. The fact it counts as exercise is just a bonus.

Take your vitamins. I might have forgotten to pack my hairbrush but I always remember to take my vitamins. Probiotics, enzymes, and a good B-12 are always in my bag.

Rise and sweat. Working out in the morning helps me get back on track—especially if I've woken up ridiculously early and am too foggy to dive into work. I try to keep a Tracy Anderson DVD in my laptop bag or find one of her workout videos on goop.com.

Have a cuppa. No coffee for me. Just matcha tea please. These packets make it easy to wake up without the caffeine-crash freak out later on.

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