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GoRecess Studio Spotlight: Barry's Bootcamp


- By Caila Ball

Need to ramp up your workout? Barry’s Bootcamp cranks up both the cardio and strength training, delivering a workout that even the most avid fitness enthusiast would deem as intense.  Hailing itself as "The Best Workout in the World", Barry’s Bootcamp is designed to burn 1,000 calories per hour session. Indeed, a full hour packed with all movement and no breaks torches those calories quickly. Just take a look at the hard-bodied instructors leading classes (or the equally hard-bodied regulars sweating beside you) for inspiration to get through that first challenging class. If you're lucky, you may just find yourself next to one of the many celebs who frequent Barry's, including Kim Kardashian, Amanda Seyfried, Jessica Biel, Katie Holmes and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Locations: Barry’s Bootcamp began in the West Hollywood studio, and has since expanded globally to Sherman Oaks, CA; San Diego, CA; Irvine, CA; San Francisco, CA; Wainscott, NY; Chelsea neighborhood of New York City; Tribeca neighborhood of New York City; Boston, MA; Nashville, TN; Miami Beach, FL; Bergen, Norway; and London, UK

Classes Offered: Each bootcamp class focuses on different parts of the body (arms & abs, full body, core, chest & back, butt & legs) with foci varying by day

What Makes It Such An Effective Workout? To describe Barry’s Bootcamp as “intense” is a good start, but leaves out other equally important adjectives, such as “challenging,” “sweaty,” “heart-pumping and” “muscle-fatiguing.” Barry’s Bootcamp is all of these things, and delivers results…for those willing to work for them.

A typical class alternates between treadmill intervals and strength training floor work. The treadmill intervals, or “shredmill” as they are lovingly known at Barry’s, combines jogs, runs and sprints at varying degrees of incline. At the end of each of these sections, students rest for only as long as it takes the treadmill to slow down (a blissful 10 seconds) before hitting the floor for equally quick paced strength training. The resulting pace and intensity keeps heart rates up and muscle fatigue looming, producing those quick results and 1,000 calorie workout promise.

“There’s no time standing around and catching up,” says instructor Astrid McGuire. “We don’t waste your time here.”

On the Playlist: A mix of pop, dance and rock music speeds the class along. Ke$ha, Eminem, Flo Rida and Fall Out Boy all have a home on the Barry’s playlist.

Know Before You Go: The Barry’s Bootcamp regulars will make room for you on the treadmills, as long as you sign up in advance for this popular studio! Allow time before your first class to fill out paperwork and familiarize yourself with the equipment. Don’t be afraid to ask an instructor the easiest way to transition between speeds and inclines on the treadmill: you will be instructed to change both of these variables constantly throughout the class.

Come Prepared With: Lace up your running shoes, and bring both a workout towel and a water bottle to class.

Advice for first timers: “Just because it’s called bootcamp, a lot of people assume we’re drill sergeants,” says instructor Astrid McGuire. “Don’t be scared to try the class. Let us know it’s your first time, and we’ll make it work for you.”

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