Spring Clean Your Workout Gear


- By Geraldine Campbell

The change in climes has us feeling positively giddy. We’re in the mood for runs in the park and outdoor boot camp sessions—and for getting rid of smelly gym socks that we should have tossed ages ago. We tapped fitness fashion expert Bianca Jade, founder of Mizzfit.com, for what to throw out and when—and what to hold on to—plus a tip to extend the life of your gear.

Socks: Higher-end moisture wicking socks will last you a year or longer, while cotton socks stretch out and discolor easily. Get rid of them if they don’t fit like a glove. Ditto, for mismatched pairs. When it comes to grippy socks for barre classes and the like, the best way to know when these are past their prime is to take a walk in them. Can you slide across a smooth floor surface? If so, re-stock at Pointe Studio (it’s cheaper than most studios and the socks come in graphic prints you won’t find anywhere else).

Workout Tights: They can last 5 weeks or 5 years. To figure out which one it is, you need to grab a friend and do the bend-over test. If your friend can see your g-string, then so can everyone else in your group fitness classes. To keep your workout tights lasting as long as possible, wash them at a cold temperature and hang dry them.

Headbands: If they’re stretched out, faded and losing their grip, it’s time for this accessory to go. If you wear them frequently, headbands should be replaced every 2-3 months. I love Asics’ new grippy Illusion Headband. It has a nice thin, seamless feel that doesn’t pull on your temples. And make sure to wash headbands after a sweaty workout. 

Underwear: Fitness panties should be replaced after 1 year, maximum. If they stretch out, what’s the point? 

Workout Gloves: These can last years! I don’t think I’ve thrown a pair out yet. I Wash them after every workout though and then let them air dry. 

Arm Bands: If you find an arm band that fits your iPhone and all your essentails without mutilating your arm, don’t get rid of it! As long as you wash it, air-dry it and clean it out (i.e. melted chapstick, leaking Gu pack, random pennies or whatever you’ve been storing inside there), it can last forever. 

Wash Smarter Not Harsher: Activewear is made with special high-
performance fabrics that most detergents will destroy. To get the most of your clothes, use sports-specific detergents like these from Roux Maison.

About Bianca Jade

Bianca Jade spent eight years in the advertising industry before ditching her 9-to-5 to start Mizzfit, a website dedicated to fitness and fashion. Her motto: The right gear will motivate you to sweat. If there’s a new fitness trend or a hot look at the gym, chances are Mizzfit has tried it, done it and blogged about it. Mizzfit and Bianca have the same mission: to help anyone who wants to feel good about themselves through exercise and fashion.

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