FitReserve Studio Spotlight: Circuit of Change


"For the yoga mind and the boot camp body," is how Circuit of Change creator Brian Delmonico describes his "yoga boot camp" class, which fuses yoga, calisthenics, gymnastics, meditation, martial arts, stretching and continuous movement together to create a whole lot of sweat. In any given full body workout class, you may find yourself jumping, skipping, shadowboxing, planking and om-ing your way into shape. Beginning and ending with a five minute yoga warm up and cool down, this class fills the middle with circuit work led by an energetic instructor.

Push your physical and spiritual limits during this mind body training session, and burn calories, tone muscles, build strength, improve flexibility and even find piece of mind.

Neighborhood: Flatiron

Classes Offered: Mind Body Bootcamp

Why We Love It: This class is the ultimate fusion of two of our favorite workouts: yoga and boot camps. The high-intensity class is grueling, but the yoga stretch and meditation seshes at the beginning and end are a nice treat for our exhausted muscles. Plus, the warm sense of community is felt the second you walk through the door; check out a video here.

Why It's So Effective: Truly a circuit training workout, this class changes up movements frequently to prevent fitness plateau. 

Know Before You Go: All classes are barefoot. mats are provided, but bring your own water bottle and towel (it tends to get sweaty!). There is a changing room, but no full locker rooms at Circuit of Change.

Don't Miss: Check out Circuit of Change's seasonal detox programs to jumpstart your healthy eating - detox and recipe guides can be downloaded here.  And in the warmer weather don't miss Circuit of Change's outdoor workouts!

Added Bonus: Can't make it to class or traveling? Download one of their online workouts here.

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