FitReserve Studio Spotlight: Vixen Workout


Created by former Miami Heat dancer Janet Jones, Vixen Workout is a high-intensity workout - or rather "twerk-out" - class that will get you moving. This intense, full-body Hip-Hop cardio is designed to feel like a club, and teaches easy-to-learn choreography to the newest hip hop hits. The class is women only, but come dressed to impress: Vixen encourages students to dress like they are going to a concert, and are in the concert. That means wear your hair down or in a party pony, put your makeup on for class, and put on dance clothes that make you feel your sexiest for this hour-long workout!

Neighborhood: Hell's Kitchen, Flatiron, Midtown

Classes Offered: Vixen Workout

Why We Love It: "Yes, I"m sexy! Yes I'm fierce! Yes I've got this!" is the mantra of this hip hop dance class, which feels more like a night out dancing than a traditional workout. The bumping music and current dance moves have us twerking, booty-clapping and surfborting our way into shape, even building up some confidence to take these moves out to the club. 

Why It's So Effective: Through full body choreography, this class bumps up the cardio, incorporates stretching and uses body weight resistance (think squats and lunges) to build strength. This hour-long sweat sesh burns between 500-1000 calories.

Know Before You Go: Classes are offered at different studios, which are listed under "class" in the schedule so be sure to check the class title for the studio location. Wear shoes you are most comfortable dancing in. Sneaker wedges recommended but sneakers are also acceptable.

Don't Miss: This class is selfie-approved! Be sure to tag yourself as part of the #VixenArmy after - or even during - class!

Added Bonus: Having trouble fusing workout clothes and club night clothes? Check out some Vixen approved apparel in the studio's online store 

Ready to find your inner vixen? Reserve a class at Vixen Workout today!

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