FitReserve Studio Spotlight: Twisted Trunk Yoga


Stand up straight, shoulders back and stabilize that core - these are all tidbits of advice that workout enthusiasts have heard time and again. It's for good reason, too, as the importance of core strength and proper alignment can't be stressed enough. 

At Twisted Trunk Yoga, the biomechanics of alignment is a core principle that permeates every class. Classes are all taught by highly-trained instructors who work toward the common goal of educating, inspiring and enriching the well being of their students. Find a class that works for you, and twist, bend and align your way to health in this spacious and soothing studio.

Neighborhood: SoHo

Classes Offered: Open, Basic, Advanced, Restorative, Yoga for Women, Sound Meditation, Anusara, AcroYoga, Core Wake Up,

Why We Love It: Although many of the classes are open to all levels, the instructors still give personal attention to each student. Whether you are perfecting a handstand, or still using all of your energy to eventually touch your toes, you will receive support, modifications and guidance in each Twisted Trunk Yoga class.

Why It's So EffectiveA focus on alignment rings true in each Twisted Trunk Yoga class. This core basic not only helps with posture outside of class, but enables students to have a safer and more effective yoga practice in the studio.

Know Before You Go: Explore the class descriptions before choosing a class that works for you. Although students new to yoga are welcome in the Open and Basics class, Advanced classes are better suited for seasoned yogis who can perform a handstand at the wall without assistance.

Don't Miss: Check out the Twisted Trunk website for a series of events and workshops on different areas of stability, mobility, basics, meditation and more.

Added Bonus: No need to lug your mat on the subway: Twisted Trunk offers mat rentals, along with free water to refill your environmentally friendly bottles!

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