5 Reasons to Make Stand Up Paddling (SUP) Your New Sport


- By Gina Bradley, Owner of Paddle Diva

Stand Up Paddling is the fastest growing water sport for women in this century! I know that's a big claim, but just take a look at any calm body of water this summer, flip through an outdoor magazine or google "Stand Up Paddling", and you will see smiling women with strong bodies and tight cores zipping along the waterways! Why is SUP, an acronym for Stand Up Paddling, so popular for women (and men)? We at Paddle Diva know why:

  1. YOU GET A FULL BODY WORKOUT. This is one of the things that make stand up paddle boarding a great fitness exercise. Almost every muscle in your body is utilized at some point while you are paddle boarding. For instance, your leg muscles work to stabilize your center of gravity while your arms, back and shoulders work at propelling yourself forward. And if you spend enough time on the paddleboard, you can even get a good cardio workout.
  2. IT’S AN EXCELLENT STRESS BUSTER. It is common knowledge that any form of exercise can reduce stress. As we discussed above, SUP can give you a full body workout. And all this exercise releases a lot of endorphins that can bring down stress tremendously. Additionally, water soothes the body and can act as a natural relaxant.
  3. IT’S LOW IMPACT EXERCISE & EASY TO LEARN. Stand Up Paddling is easy to learn; with about thirty minutes of instruction and coaching, you are up and gliding in no time! In fact, it is a useful sport to turn to if you suffer from knee and hip pains but still require some exercise to keep you going while you heal.`
  4. IT'S A GREAT GROUP EXPERIENCE: FAMILY, FRIENDS & CO-WORKERS. Unlike surfing, where SUP's roots come from, SUP is a much 'dryer' experience - you don't have to submerge to try it, there are no waves to contend with, and as long as you have an experienced instructor, a large group can have the most bonding experience on a paddle tour!
  5. IT'S ON FITRESERVEThis summer Paddle Diva and FitReserve are so convinced you'll love SUP so much we paired up to allow you to give it a try! Sign up now, bring a friend and you'll both get a complimentary WTRMLN WTR, the summer's hottest (well actually coolest) summer drink for post workout!

What are you waiting for? The water on a board is now your new gym, reserve now and step on board!

About Gina Bradley
Founded by Gina Bradley in the summer of 2009, Paddle Diva was created on the premise that women are underserved in the Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) market. Formerly a fitness instructor, wind-surfing teacher, and PADI certified Scuba Instructor, Gina has a real passion for SUP and knew that this was a trend that was about to really catch on for women. Motivated by her love for the sport, Gina created The DIVA board, a women’s stand-up paddle board, and a unique method of teaching: The Paddle Diva Method. Now as a globally recognized and accredited shop through the ASI, Paddle Diva offers: SUP instruction, SUP tours, ocean awareness coaching, SUP surf lessons, and kids SUP lessons. Gina lives in East Hampton, NY and divides her time between there and Rincon, Puerto Rico with her two children, Emma (12 years) and James (9 years) always in tow!

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