5 Reasons You Should Add Weight Training to Your Workout Routine


- By Radan Sturm, Founder of LIFTONIC

Not seeing results? Check out my 5 reasons why you should add weight training to your workout to take your fitness routine to the next level.

  1. Efficiency. Weight training is one of the most effective and time efficient ways to get a lean physique. 
  2. Increases Metabolism. Only by building muscle can you elevate your metabolism permanently which means you burn more calories, even when you’re not working out! 
  3. Improves Posture. Want to improve your posture? A well balanced weights routine strengthens your body in the right places which is the key to good posture
  4. Enhances Cardiovascular Fitness. 50 minutes of fast-paced weight training makes you stronger while simultaneously increasing your cardiovascular fitness 
  5. Sculpts and Tones Muscles. Losing weight but not toning up? 2-3 workouts with weights per week are the missing ingredient! 

Located in NYC's Meatpacking District, LIFTONIC is a dynamic group weight training class paired with pilates movements, dumbbells and body-weight exercises for an intense 50 minute full body, abdominal/core workout. Every participant works on their own weights bench with TV monitors overhead so you can maintain proper form and keep in tempo with the instructor’s pace. New workouts are released every few weeks, allowing you enough time to increase the weights for maximum results while also challenging the body with new exercises and movements.

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  • Good post. At least a lightweight training is necessary to maintain a good posture and beat aging. I personally had a very bad posture like leaning forward before starting my gym routine. But now, weight training transformed me. As you age, you tend to lose muscles. Weight training will help you to make your muscles not to lose weight. Cheers.

  • This article is a real inspiration for active life. Actually, I can remember the days when I was a dull and lazy boy in university starting days. But when I started working out in gym with my cousin, I became too much active and felt inner happiness so much that I could not even believe that was happening to me. I have an opinion that there is no need for applying anti age creams on face. Just continue working out throughout the life and improve intake of essential nutrienrs required for life for proper growth. Also talking about metabolism, it is a very important process of body and this is the phenomenon that will help you avoid getting weight on the body as well as you feel appetite properly. Thanks for a great brief article.

  • At first I only do the cardio but I face many issues with my posture, and then someone told me about weight training and then I tried the weight training, and it helps me in improving the posture. That helps me a lot. Now I do the weight training regularly.

  • Cardio is important in my opinion and also you should have proper nutrition with it. Getting injuries won't make you enjoy your cardio or work out.

  • Weight training is the very core of my workout routine. I have a strong belief that weight training is just as good, if not more efficient, than regular cardio. My posture has also greatly improved since starting my weight training routine. The thing to keep in mind is the recovery time, as you will be putting stress on your muscles.

  • Thank u for this post! So much good info!

  • Thanks for creating this awesome article. Appreciate you work.

  • Great tips very helpful for me.

  • Strongly Agreed with all the points above!

  • Thanks a lot for informative article.

  • I am truly agreed with the above-mentioned point. Moreover, in the lockdown period, it is necessary to add workout it in your routine

  • Excellent user interface. Thanks for sharing me a helpful content.

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