10 Reasons to Try Barre


Whether you’re looking for your new favorite workout, the opportunity to cross-train for your other workouts, or even a community presence, there are so many incredible reasons for you to try barre! We asked Akiya Brown, The Barre Code’s Manager of Training and Development and a NASM certified personal trainer, to share her top ten reasons for you try barre...check them out below! 

  1. Focus on Yourself: Barre is all about tuning into your mind-body connection in order to get the most out of all the small movements. Focusing on getting your muscles to shake helps take your mind off anything else from your day. 50 minutes to focus solely on you is a gift to give yourself!
  2. Constant Variety: With the vast amount of positions and different props that can be used for challenge or support, your muscles get worked in many different ways, ensuring you don’t plateau. At The Barre Code, we also utilize constantly changing routines to ensure you stay engaged and continue to see results in your fitness goals!
  3. Incredible Group Energy: Being in a group class environment gives you that extra boost of motivation from both your instructor and fellow clients in the room. There is nothing like having the energy of the person next to you getting lower in a position to empower you to push yourself to dig deeper! 
  4. Muscle Endurance: With a focus on completing movements in high repetition, we work muscles to fatigue, helping build endurance in muscles to sustain movement longer.
  5. Total Body Workout: Each class is structured to target your main muscle groups, with an emphasis on understanding that every exercise, no matter how isolating, uses the entire body to stabilize and remain in your structural alignment. 
  6. Find Your Balance: Barre utilizes props and movement variations to test your balance and control your movements. Deeper core engagement and better balance helps us walk safely throughout our unstable world.
  7. Low Impact for every BODY: Barre is low impact, with always at least one hand or foot on a stable surface. There are ample ways to regress or progress each position and movement, making it an achievable and challenging workout for all fitness levels!
  8. Joint Stability: Barre focuses on isometric movements that work to create stability around the ankle, knee, hip joints, and shoulder joints. This makes barre an effective cross-training program for runners and athletes alike! 
  9. Get in the Right Mindset: Allowing yourself to push and get uncomfortable to find your shake and feel your body trembling shows you just how strong you are! Whether you are preparing for birth, training for a marathon, or finishing a big project at work, the strength you find inside the studio will carry you through the struggles you find outside the studio, too! 
  10. Join a Community: At The Barre Code, we create an environment where women can support one another and celebrate each other’s successes and milestones. When you walk through our doors, you will feel a sense of community that will make you feel empowered throughout the rest of your day! 
About The Barre Code

The Barre Code is a comprehensive full-body fitness program designed for women across the country to find their ’strong.’ Built on the principles of cardio, strength, and restoration, The Barre Code goes beyond the barre, with a diverse fitness program that also includes Bootcamp and Brawl™ classes. In addition, The Barre Code's program and community work for EVERY body. Whether you’re a fitness professional or brand-new to exercise, The Barre Code's empowering and motivational community will make you feel strong, centered, and inspired. 

Experience The Barre Code and other barre classes on FitReserve and follow Akiya on Instagram for more tips and fitness motivation today!

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