Live Stream versus On-Demand Workouts


How do I choose between Live Stream and On-Demand classes?
FitReserve Anywhere members love live stream workouts because they get to interact with the instructors and their friends in the class in real-time. *You just may spot some adorable kiddos in the background of your friends’ screens!* This interactive experience means more accountability, especially for members with families and busy lives. It can be helpful to schedule your workouts beforehand to ensure you dedicate this daily time to yourself. 

The benefits of on-demand workouts include the flexibility of being able to work out at your convenience. When you’re in the mood to start sweating, get your gear on, clear your space, and choose your class right then and there. You don’t need to plan this beforehand. Another advantage is knowing you will have pre-produced workout content that is fun and super easy to follow. If you find an on-demand fitness instructor you really like, you can try out all of their workouts offered on our app! Need to pause your class to care for the kids or check a work email? No problem! Just hit pause and hit play when you’re ready to jump back in and keep training! 


What are FitReserve Anywhere live stream classes?

Our live stream fitness classes are taught in real-time by top fitness instructors from studios and trainers across the U.S. You and your class members will be given feedback and guided through the workout right there on the video conference. Of course, you are welcome to turn off your camera if you prefer privacy, but we encourage you to interact to ensure proper form and experience the sense of community of others working out at the same time.

How do I Register?

To register for your class on your mobile phone, download the FitReserve Anywhere App on iOS or Android. Choose ”By Studio” if you’re looking for a specific studio; you also can add studios to favorites and filter to show classes only from your favorite studios. Choose “By Class” if you want to search by type of workout, day, and time. Now select your favorite class, and register! You will receive instructions in your email the day of the class, containing a unique video link and details from the studio of what to expect.
















The process is the same for desktop. Just go to, login, and get searching and scheduling. All options available on desktop are for live stream virtual fitness classes. 


What is FitReserve Anywhere On-Demand?

By partnering with Aaptiv, FORTË and Sweat Factor, we offer our members access to hundreds of pre-recorded audio and video workouts. You can take these classes at any time, and from anywhere, right in the FitReserve app with no pre-registration necessary. Once you download our mobile app, scroll down to “Find an On-Demand Workout” and choose a workout from Aaptiv, FORTË or Sweat Factor trainers.

Aaptiv offers pre-recorded, guided audio workouts from high-energy, professional workout instructors. Let their voices play in your headphones while you run, lift at the gym, meditate at home, and more! FORTE offers classes from premier boutique studios such as Body Space Fitness, Club Sweat, Flex Studios, and more. Sweat Factor offers a variety of video workouts categorized by class type such as barre, cardio, HIIT & tabata, kickboxing and boxing, strength and bodyweight, and yoga. Online workout class lengths vary from just 10 minutes up to 45 minutes. 

Give FitReserve Anywhere’s live stream and on-demand workouts a try today! Register for a free week at

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