How to Fit Exercise into Your Favorite Fall Activities


We can’t make the calories disappear from your PSL. But we can do a few other tricks — like helping you put a healthy spin on your favorite fall activities. Crisp nights, blazing colors and football games are ahead. So pump yourself up. You’ll get all the fall feels, plus a fitness boost, by giving these experiences a whirl. 

Do Some Legwork to See Leaves

Turn a leaf-peeping drive into the country into a fall exercise sesh, and get an even better view of the foliage. Hiking to a point above the tree line will not only give you a postcard perspective but will burn approximately 350-400 calories in an hour. 

Flex Your Apple-Picking Power 

Apples are one of our favorite fall power foods, and picking them can pack an extra punch in the form of 200 calories per hour workout! Aim for the fruit at the highest points of the trees furthest away from where you have parked to maximize the stretching and cardio potential. 

Hut, Hut, Hike! 

Love to park it in front of the screen for eight hours of football every weekend? We do, too! Just make it a point to get up and burn some energy during halftime (or commercial breaks, if you’re feeling ambitious). Try a game of touch football with your friends and family. Every 15-minute halftime spent playing touch football burns approximately 125 calories.  

Go Back to Gym Class 

Surprisingly, the same exercises that many of us dreaded in junior high are actually pretty fun as an adult. Join an adult dodgeball league to burn approximately 180 calories/hour and get the extra benefit of making new friends. You can also work on your mile time, burning approximately 100 calories with each mile you run. Whatever you do, try for an A in Effort. 

Miss Summer? Turn up the Heat! 

Sweater weather not your jam? Go to a place where sweltering temperatures of summer can be experienced year-round. We’re talking about the hot yoga studio. An hour-long session will burn 400-500 calories, and will probably have you rethinking how much you “miss” the heat. 

Dig Up a Halloween Costume 

While the idea of combing through your closet in search of a Halloween costume might seem frightening, it comes with a big perk: You’re exercising! Active cleaning burns up to 150 calories/hour. As you search and clean to piece together the perfect costume (surely you can find something Harley Quinn-like), you’re doing your body good. 

Reap the Benefits of Yard Work 

Instead of breaking out a leaf blower, clear your yard the old-fashioned way: with a rake. Not only will you be saving the air from the leaf blower’s gas-run pollution – not to mention noise pollution — you’ll also be burning an estimated 150-200 calories/hour.  

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  • Fall is always rough season to fit in excercising for me at least, since a lot of prepping for the hunting season(this year I'm going with a Marlin 444, got a pretty good advice at to get one this year, so far loving it). I usually still hit gym 2-3 times a week and do some hikes, but a lot less compared to summer...

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  • These fall activities sound like a great way to stay active and enjoy the season! It's a clever way to fit exercise into your favorite fall pastimes. By the way, have you ever taken the rice purity test?

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