8 Expert Tips for a Summer-Ready Beach Body


- By Geraldine Campbell

Summer is well under way—which means ‘tis the season for short shorts, tank tops, and bikinis. Even though August is almost upon us, it's not too late to get a beach-ready body.  We tapped leading fitness experts —including Joey Gonzalez from Barry's Bootcamp, Ariane Hundt from Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp, and Kari Saitowitz from The Fhitting Room — for their top moves, from traditional push-ups to Tabata sit-ups, to get in shape.  

1. A Tabata A Day…

“Do Tabata full sit-ups everyday: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest for 4 minutes.” – Kari Saitowitz, The Fhitting Room

2. Plank it

“Every morning when you wake up or at night before you go to bed, drop down into plank position and hold for as long as possible.  Try to go a little longer each day.  This will stimulate your mind and body, while also shredding your abs in the process.” – Joey Gonzalez, Barry’s Bootcamp

3. Push it

“Wearing bikini or bathing suit calls for defined back muscles, namely the lats (the muscles on the outside of your back) and rhomboids (the muscles running alongside your spine). You can hit them at the same time by doing push ups. Push ups are the most effective upper-body move you can do without equipment." – Ariane Hundt, Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp

4. Get Outside  

“Use the outdoors to exercise: run steps in the park or use park benches for step ups and tricep dips.” – Kari Saitowtiz, The Fhitting Room

5. Get Your Jump On

“Do 5 sets of 15 jump squats to tighten up the gluts, tone the legs, and get your heart rate up!” – Kari Saitowitz, The Fhitting Room

6. Clean Up Your Diet

“80% of a flat stomach is the result of a clean diet. Eliminate alcohol, sugar, starches and processed food and rely on fibrous veggies and lean proteins five times a day.” – Ariane Hundt, Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp

7. Add Resistance 

“Strap on the famous Barry's Bootcamp Booty Band and go about your daily activities to get toned legs, butt, and thighs.” – Joey Gonzalez, Barry’s Bootcamp

8. Step up 

"Use a chair or park bench and step your right leg onto the bench. Step up all the way, straightening your right leg out and lifting you left leg. Drop your left leg back down and repeat. Your right leg stays on the bench at all times. Repeat 20-30 times, then switch legs." – Ariane Hundt, Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp


Ariane Hundt, Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp: Ariane holds the title of ‘Head of Butt-Kicking Operations’ for good reason. Whether performing wall squats right along with the boot campers on the bridge, sweating through her own intense workouts during Slim & Strong, or lunging her way through Central Park, she is a force to be reckoned with. Ariane’s love of New York City, combined with her passion for fitness and nutrition, are the inspirations behind the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp, which she built from the ground up. 
Joey Gonzalez, Barry's Bootcamp: One of the top Celebrity trainers in Los Angeles and NYC (and named NYC's hottest male trainer by Racked NYC), Joey Gonzalez has become a go-to fitness Guru in Hollywood and is regularly featured on television and in magazines. In 2006, he partnered with Barry's Bootcamp to help bring The Best Workout in the World to San Diego and New York City, in addition to becoming a founding member of the Barry's Bootcamp Franchise Co. While continuing to teach classes when he can, Gonzalez has dedicated his life to expanding the brand across the country and world!
Kari Saitowitz, The Fhitting Room: Never one to love exercising in the past, Kari was blown away not only by the results of High Intensity Training (HIT) physically and emotionally but also by how much fun she was having during her workouts. As friends darted off to boutique fitness studios to enjoy spin, yoga, pilates and barre classes, Kari became consumed with developing The Fhitting Room, a boutique fitness studio specializing in super effective and truly fun High Intensity Training workouts. 

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