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5 Ways to Stay in Shape with Your Sweetheart


- By Caila Ball

You’ve found a perfect match in your partner’s heart, and now it’s time to work together to keep those hearts - and the rest of your bodies - healthy! On top of the individual benefits of exercise - such as toned muscles, cardiovascular strength, reduced stress, and a clear head - a healthy dose of couples fitness can benefit a relationship as well. 

Have more cheerful discussions with your partner thanks to an exercise endorphin-driven good mood. Strengthen the sense of teamwork through the cooperative effort of achieving fitness goals. Increase energy, endurance and sex drive through regular cardio. Ignite a romantic spark with both friendly competition and trying new experiences together. Spend more quality time as a couple while supporting one another’s well being.

Start reaping these benefits and more of working out as a couple. After all, what’s more romantic than making your happily ever after last even longer? Commit to fit with the love in your life with these five tips.

  1. Redefine Date Night. Instead of checking for a movie time at a theater near you this Friday night, try a new fitness class. For about the same cost as a Rom Com, you and your partner will burn calories and rev up endorphins, instead of consuming popcorn calories for two sedentary hours. 

    FitReserve Tip: For something new and fun, try a SURFSET class at SURFSET New York City or Chelsea Piers.
  2. Take a Break from Taking a Break.  After a long week at work, a night on the couch with your sweetheart may be calling your name. Although relaxation is good for the soul, try clearing your mind with a relaxing Partner yoga class instead of vegging out in front of a marathon DVR session. If the flatscreen proves too tempting to avoid, schedule in a 30 minute break of active video games on the Wii Fit U during your Netflix Marathon.

    FitReserve Tip: Check out Stanton Street Yoga for a special Valentine's Partner Yoga class.
  3. Work Toward Goals Together. Always wanted to try a mud run, but find yourself intimidated at the thought of training and running it alone? Solicit the support of your significant other to join you in your quest to defeat the muddy obstacles! Sign up for a road race, mud race or CrossFit competition with your partner, and get there together. If your fitness goals are different, communicate them to one another, check in with status updates, and help keep each other on track to reach them.

    FitReserve Tip: Check out Epic Hybrid Training's Spartan-Inspired SGX classes to get you obstacle race-ready and Mile High Run Club and Fitness Runs to get you in running shape. 
  4. Compromise. You’re an avid runner, but she’s more of a Pilates kind of gal. Let the same variety that spices up your love life spice up your workout! Support your partner as she works up to a 5K, and tone your own core by finding out exactly what is it those Pilates Reformers are all about, anyway. Better yet, find a mashup class that combines core strength and cardio conditioning to take you both out of your exercise comfort zones.

    FitReserve Tip: Try a 30/30 class or TRX Cardio MASH UP at Fit RxN.  
  5. Set Boundaries. Don’t let the benefits of working out as a couple keep you from the individual benefits of working out on your own. If a solo yoga session helps you clear your mind on a weekly basis, carve out that time for yourself. If you want to improve your mile splits, take time to do solo speed workouts and just meet your partner for the cool down. Get on the same page with your significant other about the times you can workout together to best support one another in fitness goals.

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