Studio Spotlight: Body Space Fitness


Finally: room to breathe in Manhattan! Amongst the crowded streets of the Flatiron, Body Space Fitness has carved itself out a huge, open space for fitness - 4,000 square feet, to be exact. The studio cranks up the cardio in a variety of high-energy classes, and keeps the endorphins on high with positive-minded coaches. For those who need a break from the treadmill, there is even a 65-foot track of indoor turf for running drills. Unleash your inner athlete while working with passionate trainers in the spacious facility!

Neighborhood: Flatiron

Classes Offered: Body Camp, Training for Warriors, Metabolic Burn, Kettlebell and Core, Boxing, Advanced Boxing, Obstacle Training

Why We Love It: Whatever your fitness level, the trainers at Body Space Fitness will work with you to design a challenging workout. The small classes (10 people max) ensure that each student receives individualized attention to help with form and modifications.

Why It's So Effective: Each class combines cardio and strength training to burn calories and sculpt muscles. The high intensity circuit training is tough, but it yields results!

Know Before You Go: There are classes for all levels at Body Space Fitness, including Boxing and Body Camp. Build up your kettlebell experience before hitting up Kettlebell and Core class, though, as it is designed for advanced students.

Don't Miss: Track your progress with Body Space Fitness’ InBody-570 machine, which calculates your body fat, muscle mass, and more.  Need a little one-on-one attention? Body Space also offers private training.

Added Bonus: Sure, they work you hard, but the trainers at Body Space Fitness are just so nice! Whether it’s their encouraging words during the class, or a motivational post-workout e-mail, you can’t help but love those who are making you sweat in this studio.

Ready to tap into your potential? Reserve a class at Body Space Fitness today!

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