FitReserve Studio Spotlight: Revolution in Motion


Designed by chiropractor and kinesiology expert Dr. Edythe Heus, Revolution in Motion focuses on four essential elements of fitness: instability, multiple planes, reversing and resistance. This scientific approach to fitness helps students build strength, speed, power and flexibility – all in a setting that is as fun as it is challenging! Embraced by professional athletes, celebrities and Broadway dancers, RevinMo challenges your brain to work in partnership with your body to reach total balanced fitness.

Neighborhood: Midtown West

Classes Offered: Level 1 and Level 2

Why We Love It: We're always game for a killer core workout, and Revolution in Motion delivers a deep core workout that trains the lower abdominals, pelvic floor and intrinsic muscles of the spine. This class keeps it fresh as well: No two classes are the same, and every class is filled with exciting challenges!

Why It's So Effective: The movements in Revolution in Motion are precisely sequenced to maximize the effectiveness of the workout, and designed to train your nervous system to respond more quickly to environmental changes. Their exercises are neurologically activating to engage both your body and your mind in the transformation process.

Know Before You Go: Prepare yourself before jumping up a class level. Students are required to take five Level 1 classes before taking a Level 2 class. While all Level 1 classes are performed barefoot, some Level 2 classes require sneakers.

Don't Miss: Don’t miss the opportunity to challenge yourself and improve your balance. Classes have been known to include such challenges as standing on an upside down balance ball while completing exercises, weighted ab work on stability balls and extensive footwork.

Added Bonus: Free mats and water are offered at the studio. Nutritional counseling is also offered for an additional fee.

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