FitReserve Studio Spotlight: DanceBody


“You don’t have to be a dancer to look like one,” say the folks at DanceBody, a workout created by dancers but meant for everybody. These cardio dance classes fit high intensity intervals and body resistance muscle sculpting exercises into their incredibly fun dance routines, which help you build up to that enviable dancer’s bod. Don’t let your inability to Whip and Nae Nae (or even the fact that you have no idea what that term means) keep you from hitting up one of these classes, which are held all over the city. This high-energy class will have you shaking, sweating, and smiling your way into shape!

Neighborhoods: TriBeCa, Union Square, Upper East Side, Midtown, NoHo

Classes Offered: DanceBody Open, DanceBody Sculpt, DanceBody Master Class, DanceParty Full Out

Why We Love It: These hour-long classes are more than just an amazing cardio workout and muscle toning sesh: they are also super fun!

Why It's So Effective: Have you seen dancers’ bodies? These dance classes work on your cardio for a calorie torching hour, and also use body resistance to tone your abs, glutes, arms, and legs.

Know Before You Go: Classes are held all over the city, so pay attention to the class schedule when you book. Classes are held in the following locations:

TriBeCa: 380 Broadway, 5th Floor
Union Square: 32 W 18th Street (The Movement)
Upper East Side: 204 E 83rd Street
Midtown: 939 8th Ave or 520 8th Ave (address e-mailed day of class)
NoHo: 440 Lafayette Studio 3G

Don't Miss: Start with the Open Level classes, which break down the dance moves before putting together the choreographed routine. Routines change each month, so catch a class toward the beginning of the month if you want to be surrounded by people who are also new to the choreography.

Added Bonus: Classes often require mats, and DanceBody provides them free of charge.

Ready to show off your dance moves? Sign up for a DanceBody class today!

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