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B/Spoke senior lead instructor Aly Raymer may be from Southern California, but she is at home when she’s on the podium in front of her classes in Boston. This well-rounded instructor (she teaches yoga, too!) strives to motivate change in her students, whether it be by calling them out to push harder from her podium at B/Spoke, guiding them with hands-on training in one of her yoga classes, bringing her newest playlist to class, or giving a get-moving push with a little #fitspo on her Instagram. Be prepared to give it your all when you step into one of Aly’s classes, and know that you’ll leave the bike sweating, stronger, and pumped for another ride.

What inspired you to pursue a career in fitness?
I became a coxswain on my local rowing team in California freshman year in high school. I loved the adrenaline of the regattas, the feeling of soaring over water, and - most of all - motivating my peers to race hard and win.

Once I started at Boston University, I decided to give crew a break and just work out for fun. A year into that, I found indoor cycling. The instructor has a very similar role to a coxswain and I was instantly hooked once I began teaching at BU [Fitness and Recreation Center] in 2007.

The road to full time fitness was not easy. I fought myself the whole way, thinking that I needed a “real” job and waiting for the right opportunity to appear. Years passed and I finally had a wake up call and decided that it was time to see if I could make teaching my full time career. I am most alive when I am on the podium. It can be a crap day, but once the mic turns on and the first drop lands, I am all in. Watching my students get to new levels and pushing them to get stronger makes me happy. I know when I am amped they are amped. It is a win-win situation: Everyone leaves the room feeling happy.

What is your fitness philosophy and teaching style?
I teach the way I want to be coached. I honestly will dog it if someone isn’t pushing me... call it what you want, but I need that extra motivation to get moving, so that is what I give my students. I will call someone out if they are slacking and I am not afraid to make sure that my students are giving it their all every ride.

What is your go-to workout song?
Some people can play songs on repeat and really get after it. I like to mix it up. In THIS moment now...I’m digging mashups from DJs from Mars, “Just Dream” by Dirty South, and “Money Maker-VIP Edit” by Throttle.

What do you eat before working out?
If I have time, I will eat an apple or banana with peanut butter or almond butter, but if I am on the go or it’s early in the morning, [I will eat] cookies and cream Quest bars (shout out to Kelsey Cox for getting me hooked).

Be honest: What is your cheat meal or guilty pleasure food?
Cheeseburger and French fries, 100%. I used to have one a week, but I have kept it to a once a month thing as of late (Seriously it was a problem: I LOVE burgers.).

If you could give one piece of fitness advice, what would it be?
Find something you love and be fiercely loyal to it, consistency is key, and never miss a Monday.

What is one fitness move everyone should master?
Plank in all its greatness, or any variation [on a plank].

Finish this sentence: When I'm not at the studio, you can find me…
…teaching yoga at Exhale or Equinox, cuddling with my cat Cava, or seeing a live DJ or band.

What is your most memorable teaching moment?
I will never forget my first class at B/SPOKE.  The feeling like, “Wow, I truly can be myself here, go HAM and have a blast.” The energy of the room was insane, and I knew then that I had found home. I was so nervous but at the same time pumped. I think anyone who was in that room would remember it too.

What makes B/Spoke so effective?
The studio is beautiful, the sound system is top of the line, and I think that our instructors are some of the best in Boston. We deliver high energy, intense workouts consistently and pride ourselves on creating high-octane playlists that motivate you to push hard. Our community is diverse and it is growing, we cater to a broad audience and truly love what we are setting out to do: Empower you, the students, to tailor your life.

Feeling inspired by Aly? Follow her on Instagram and reserve a class with her at B/Spoke today!

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