FitReserve Studio Spotlight: Gramercy Pilates NYC


With a space designed with the exclusive neighboring Gramercy Park in mind with leafy green walls, natural lighting and a wide-open floor plan, walking into Gramercy Pilates NYC is a breath of fresh air. The actual classes – and there are an abundance of them to choose from – continue this positive experience, as the instructors are certified through their own Teacher Trainer Certification Program that is approved by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) to ensure you will learn how to move your body correctly and efficiently for greater fitness success and to avoid injuries. All classes focus on better posture, alignment, balance, coordination and flexibility and are offered utilizing the latest, state-of-the-art Pilates equipment including the Reformer, Tower, Chair, Spine Corrector, Jumpboard and many props to make your Pilates experience both challenging and safe.

Neighborhood: Gramercy

Classes Offered: Pilates Mat, Tower, Reformer, Jumpboard, Butt Camp and Circuit classes 

Why We Love It: Pilates fans who like variety in their workouts will love the wide selection of classes at Gramercy Pilates. From mat to jumpboard and everywhere in between, these classes will keep you on your toes (or on your heels, depending on which footwork you’re doing)!

Why It's So Effective: We’ve long adored Pilates for creating long, lean muscles, but there are even more reasons to celebrate this low impact workout. Pilates helps you get in touch with the mind body connection through controlled breath and carefully executed movements. In addition to slimming your physique, Pilates helps strengthen your core and posture, which helps your long-term back health and stability.

Know Before You Go: Choose the right level of class for you and read the class descriptions and requirements. If you are new to Pilates, start with the Beginner level classes.

Don't Miss: Do you only have a limited amount of time to get in your Pilates fix? Try one of the 45-minute express classes – Lunchtime Reformer Express or Lunchtime Tower of Power Express.

Added Bonus: If you’re new to Pilates and want one-on-one instruction to jumpstart your group training, Gramercy Pilates offers new client specials on private sessions. Interested in becoming a Pilates Teacher? Gramercy Pilates offers a top Pilates Teacher Training Program approved by the PMA; contact the studio for details.

Ready to hit the reformer? Reserve a class at Gramercy Pilates NYC today! 

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