FitReserve Trainer Profile: George Foreman III


From boxing ring powerhouse to exercise entrepreneur at EverybodyFights (EBF), George Foreman III’s career has spanned many facets of the fitness profession. Along with his fighting spirit, he brings more than a decade of combined experience as a professional athlete, manager for his boxing legend dad – George Foreman Sr., and sports marketer to his EverybodyFights studio. Get to know more about what inspires this inspirational figure.

What inspired you to create EverybodyFights?
Boxing has always been part of my life. I grew up in it, trained with my dad, I fought professionally myself, watched every movie and documentary you can think of! It wasn’t until I started training other people, though, that I found my true calling in the sport. I fell in love with training people and seeing the impact it has on their life. And I trained all different types of people from all walks of life. It’s through this experience that I learned that EverybodyFights. It was around this time that I was visiting my friend A.J. [Rich] in Boston who had the idea of opening a boxing gym. Two weeks later, I had moved to Boston and we started white-boarding our ideas. 

How has your own experience in the ring influenced the way you approach fitness and encourage others to approach fitness?
Boxing teaches a lot of lessons both in and out of the ring. In the ring, the most important things to remember are to relax, stay focused, and remember to breathe. As simple as these sound, they’re even more important to actually execute.

Outside the ring, the lesson is you get out what you put in. Training for a fight requires dedication and fighting every day, hard.

What is your “go-to” workout song?
"Eye of the Tiger"! Sorry, I just can’t help myself…  

What is your fitness philosophy?
Fitness is just like a lot of things in life in that you get out what you put in. It’s about how hard you’re willing to fight for it. I also believe that fitness doesn’t live in a bubble: Nutrition, sleep, wellness, relationships, and work/life balance are all connected. Having a reliable fitness routine can have a positive impact in the other areas of your life.

What is the one workout move everyone should master?
The fork lift! At the end of the day, diet trumps all. If you got nutrition down, I would say the Kettlebell to Figure 8 Hold.

What do you eat before working out? 
I like to think about food as fuel, and I focus on what energizes me in a natural way. I typically grab some fruit, nuts, or oats. They give you a good boost of energy and don’t weigh you down, so I am fight-ready.

Be honest: What is your favorite cheat meal?
Ice cream gets me every time!

Why is BOXFIIT™ so effective?
It’s a HIIT workout, or as we call it, “FIIT” (fight-intensity-interval-training) that has a complement of strength and conditioning. BOXFIIT™ and boxing require full-body movements so you hit your legs, core, and upper body - sometimes all at once.

What advice do you have for someone who is new to fitness, and a little intimidated by the idea of boxing fitness?
BOXFIIT is really hard, but it’s also completely safe and a lot of fun. We support you with the best trainers in the business, a top of the line facility, and a community of amazing fighters. All you have to do is show up and fight hard.

Finish this sentence: When I’m not at the studio, you can find me…
…working on growing EverybodyFights, on Skype calls with Fight School students, creating playlists for my classes at a coffee shop, or walking Odie (the resident bulldog at our EverybodyFights Seaport facility).

Ready to get in fighting shape? Reserve a class with George Foreman III at EverybodyFights today!

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